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    It apparently does if you're in the illegal alien business. Read on... LAS VEGAS & ARLINGTON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LAT Money Centers, a Hispanic-owned financial services company, has introduced the industry’s first nationwide financing program for undocumented workers that want to buy homes. This lending program will offer loans to potential homeowners using Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) and Matricula Consular IDs in lieu of social security numbers. The company announced the new initiative at the 2006 Hispanic Marketing Convention & Expo hosted by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals this week in Las Vegas. “NAHREP’s 2004 study estimated that the market potential for these loans is conservatively $44 billion in new mortgages,” said Timothy Sandos, NAHREP President and CEO. Contact your elected officials to protest and inform them about this flagrant abuse of America's laws.

    Well then someone needs to be arrested and thrown in jail. The amnesty bill passed in the 80's contained employer sanctions. Now providing home loans to ILLEGAL immigrants is at a minimum aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise. What's next? Loan programs for drug dealers, terrorists and the like. The feds cracked down on the dealers laundering money by purchasing homes for cash. They should crack down on this too. Think about it. Most Americans cannot afford to buy a home. If you believe the pro-illegal bleeding hearts, those poor illegals are over here doing jobs Americans won't do for less than minimum wage. If that is the case then where in the **** are they getting all of this money to buy homes? Should we believe that they are just so thrifty at saving money out of their $3.00/hr jobs that they can afford to buy homes? I think not. Something is definitely awry here.

    It could seem from the situation you've talked about that certainly crime right here in Britain does pay. I believe that at the same time approaches fail us, politicians and law enforcement officials are mostly stuck dismissing the regulation and rampant media sensationalism making us suppose that we are living in a criminal offense infested society on the point of crisis, then folks will usually suppose extra willing to devote crime, specially that of the white collar form.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Bucky! I hope people will be contacting their elected officials to report this activity. As well, it would seem to me that that company will suffer big-time if we ever get on the ball and do mass deportations (something I hope to see happening, especially as the fence is completed). And, I would like to see the government confiscating all property and assets of people deported (ill-gotten gains?) and the property and assets should be sold/auctioned and the money put towards the cost of the increased border patrol, deportations, construction and monitoring of the fence, etc. When someone is busted for being involved in the illicit drug business, the government confiscates the assets as "ill gotten gains." Why not the property and assets of illegal immigrants? They would NOT have these assets if not for having committed crime after crime in the USA, starting with entering the country illegally and so on.

    Yes, crime does pay for illegal aliens. They come illegally, they steal some Americans Sandy Springs and commit identity theft to get a job and get paid at that job. They get multiple stolen American identifications and use one to work with and use another to collect welfare with they get money and food stamps and free public housing. I think they're double dipping in more ways than one!!!

    Contrary to what you've implied, it is not illegal to finance a home owned by a non-citizen nor is citizenship required to own land in this country. Non-citizens are free to buy real property, so this program is not a crime. Whether someone is here illegally is a separate issue and even if a person is here illegally, he isn't guilty of a crime until he's been convicted in a court of law. Until then, there's no reason he's shouldn't be able to get credit and buy a home, or a car or whatever. And frankly, helping illegal immigrants own homes and establish themselves and build wealth creates tens of thousands of new jobs in finance, construction and real estate services which is good for the overall economy, so stop complaining.

    Does crime pay? Extremely well! Politicians, TV evangelists, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, auto mechanics, bankers... well, you get the idea.

    These are the peoples who this government need to stop and put all in jail for breaking the laws of this land

    Loans for illegals wow , no surprise i knew a illegal guy who bragged he was going to get a credit card with his fake id and then if he wanted no big if he didn't pay . now this is crazy!

    I am willing to wager that this is a "La Raza" backed enterprise, using American grants and subsidies to economically break a nation. Can you say COMMUNISM boys and girls?

    If the Americans don't stop it and deport them, then it pays. But we are still fighting and the fight is not over yet. Keep the course.. and we shall win.

Why do company perfer to issue debt(bonds loan) over stock for capital raising?

  • Hunter Abernathy
    Hunter Abernathy
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    Neal Hudson
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    Leslie Stiedemann
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    Ivory Pagac
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    Raleigh Turner
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