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    I made a lot of money by selling raider armor and weapons, because those guys are everywhere. I repaired some of their weapons and armor so I could get more money from selling them. Also, like someone else mentioned, there are a few people in the game who buy common things for extra caps. - Walter at the Megaton waterworks will give you extra money for scrap metal (10 caps, I think). -A ghoul called Murphy in Northwest Seneca station will give you 15 caps for sugar bombs (30 if you pass a speech check). - Scribe Yearling in the Arlington Public Library will give you 100 caps and 10 xp for Pre-War books. And don't forget to scavenge and sell anything you don't need. Cartons of cigarettes, for instance, can go for a lot of money, and so can a lot of the odds and ends used for inventing. Finishing quests can net you caps sometimes as well. By the way, a quick and easy way to build up Karma is to get bottles of purified water and give them to beggars outside of Megaton or Rivet City. EDIT: These are the directions that the Fallout Wiki gives to the Arlington Library: "Arlington Library is easily found by following the Potomac River south past the Citadel, then turning west to follow the road just south. It is directly across from Alexandria Arms and about two miles west-southwest of the Jefferson Memorial." luck!

    Fallout 3 for 3 motives. a million. Fallout 3 is an historic interest, the appropriate combination of shooter and RPG. Fallout 3 is the unique, New Vegas is only a shorter version with very few updates. 2. for an identical cost now i think of you will get Fallout 3 interest of the three hundred and sixty 5 days, with all of the dlc, exceptionally broken metallic, which lengthens the interest and makes it that extremely extra relaxing. 3. devoid of any spoilers, enable's only say there are some explosions on hand in Fallout 3, to declare the least.

    Well....... If you have good speech, and you haven't disarmed the bomb in Megaton yet, or you haven't nuked them, you can convince Sheriff Lucas to give you more caps, with the bonus of giving you more Karma. Also, you can sell all your scrap metal to some dude in the the Megaton Waterworks. You could also, just explore. If you want straight up Karma, trying killing some evil characters, like Mr. Tenpenny.

    If your karma is at least neutral you can get the Law Bringer perk and sell the fingers off raiders for lots of caps and gain good karma. Giving water to beggars will give you good karma - there is one outside Megaton and entrance to Rivet City.

    You can try looking for other side quests to do. I was having that same trouble. I was down to like 20 caps and I didn't want to do the main quests too early. If you look around for different locations, you'll find many people that want favors done for you in trade for caps (and usually good karma) like the Nuka-Cola challenge side quest. Where a girl gives you 40 caps for every Nuka-Cola quantum drink you find.

    Just do the good deeds in quests instead of killing innocents and stuff and don't steal and easy way to get alot of caps is to 1. sell what you don't want and when you get enough money go to like a weapon or clothing vendor. 2) if they (the vendor) have 2 or more of the same item, buy it then sell it then buy it again. once you buy it again it should be at 100% repaired (if not sell then buy it once more) so its worth more when u sell it back, when u go to buy it its condition resets so repeat the buy and sell process to take the vendors money and there ya go, ya get loads of caps every time you do this to a vendor. (KEEP Savannah MIND) there are a handful of vendors this won't work on tho so your best bet is to do this in places like Megaton or Rivet City

    I usually got caps by killing-stealing-shoplifting...but my karma was not good!! you can go to the wastland...kill the raiders and grab there stuff nad go and sell theme...and increase your barter skill if you want to do good business.

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    Bailey McDermott
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    Madilyn Veum
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