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    I do not know much about the situation so I cannot offer much help. However, it is generally unwise to give service dogs to children. A child, autistic or not, does not have the skills to steward a dog on their own. Some parents solve this by saying that they will steward the dog but this does not make sense. Service dogs are meant to help people with disabilities, not their family. In many cases, autism service dogs for children seem to be service dogs for non-disabled parents or even worse, babysitters. Some organizations even advocate tethering a child to dog which is unsafe for the child and the dog. Please think about the practical matters of this situation. What will the dog do when your child is at school? Teachers cannot be expected to care for the dog. That is not their job. What do you want the dog to do? Many people try to use service dogs to keep their children from running. This can be incredibly dangerous and there are more productive ways to calm children down. What about the cost? Many organizations charge over $10,000 and give you a dog that is not fully trained. You could spend that money on many other services which provide a more permanent benefit to your son. What about the care and stewardship of the dog? Research has shown that dogs have the cognitive capacity of a two-year-old. Are you ready to have effectively a two-year-old on your hands? Would you trust your child to a two-year-old? provides some very good advice on service dogs and children. talks about the problems with tethering. There are options for you. Skilled companion dogs provide wonderful friends for autistic children and sometimes even know a few tasks. However, these dogs are for in-home-use only. Please see for more information on these wonderful dogs. Also, your child may like a service dog when he is a teenager or adult (if he is not already). These dogs are trained with many of the same tasks as hearing and guide dogs to mitigate the sensory processing issues often associated with autism. is a great article which describes many of the tasks that autism service dogs can be trained to complete. Please think very carefully about this decision. Edit: Justmeinthisworld- I am speaking from the experience of a person with autism who also knows a great deal about service dogs. Please do more research on this topic before responding in such a fashion. Parents can tether a child to them and skip the link of the dog all together. It makes more sense and is easier for everyone involved. Please read the article that I provided on tethering. Also, what you said for examples is really the dog acting as a sort of babysitter. Yes, service dogs are highly trained but they are still dogs. A dog is a dog and dogs make mistakes sometimes and even the most intelligent still have the intelligence of around a two-year-old. Schools are not places to take care of a dog and most have a problem with someone demanding that their child be accompanied by a dog. There are other more reasonable accommodations for young children, such as an aide. Most organizations for guide, hearing, and mobility dogs also do not train for children for the reasons that I have already mentioned. However, they often provide disabled children with skilled companion dogs. As for a child running into the street, the parents need to work to stop that. Tethering a child to a parent can help with this as can paying attention to the child's needs and aiding the child in calming down so the child does not feel the need to run. Please do not yell.

    The most common service dog breeds include labs, goldens, german shepherds, and mixes of these. Dogs are very adaptable so I wouldn't worry too much about a well cared for dog becoming hot. I would look for a dog that is not reactive and does not mind being held. An older puppy or young adult would most likely be better then a really young puppy. The dog must be well socialized for this type of work. He also must be bomb proof as far as his temperament is concerned. This isespecially true since this is going to be your disabled son's service dog. Not all dogs are born to be service dogs. Many dogs wash out of professional programs. So keep this in mind when you go looking for a dog. Service dogs do not have to be certified in the US. Owners can train their own service dogs and many do so. However you will be better off to work with someone who has trained service dogs if you have never trained a dog to do more then the very basics. Service dogs are expected to behave a certain way as well as help the disabled person. To do this takes systematic and careful training. It is very demanding to properly train a service dog on your own. There is more to it then a simple obedience class. Not only does the dog need to be trained to respond appropriatley to your son, he also needs to know how to respond appropriately in many situations that maybe uncomfortable for him.

    Dog training are excellent and very helpful to build you a stronger relationship with your dog. Read more I started training my dog, he became very attached to me and loves to stay by side as long as he can. But just going to them won't help. You have to practice what they teach you outside of the class and you need to keep up with it at least every now and then after the class ends otherwise they'll just go back to previous habits. This course is a really good place to go for dog obedience classes. It get's your dog around other people and dogs to socialize while getting the training you need. As for electric collars, I would say to not get one. In my experience, they're only a negative effect on your dog. I mean of course you're going to need to correct your dog, but being positive and encouraging your dog works a lot faster and easier. Every dog is different, so unless you have a german shepherd or a really smart dog, it might take a while to train her. You might get frustrated with her, but go easy. She's still a puppy and has a lot of energy. A backyard or somewhere to run will help her get rid of a lot of energy that might cause her to misbehave from boredom.

    My 15 year son has had a pocket beagle for the last 5 years. He was having seizures several times a day when we bought the little beagle home . My son is very intelligent...but the seizures have taken a lot of skills. His pocket beagle will sit near him as he reads about animals to his companion. His beagle will often tell us when he is going to have a seizure. Our son has spent many lonely years because of the various and serious health issues ... but this little beagle has been a tremendous friend to him as he has grown. It has not replaced friends, family, opportunities. therapy... but it has given our son both hope, courage, comfort... friendship, in a very difficult life.

    Excellent question... We schooled my 6mo retriever charlie to stop pooping in the kitchen in just 6 days. Great results - worth the effort. My secret weapon is the Dog discipline magic system that i found on google.

    It can be appealing when you hear someone say that what you want to believe is true, but what then if it really isn't? There is a popular mythology surrounding autism service dogs for children that is being fed by groups that stand to profit thousands of dollars by convincing parents that service dogs can do everything from baby sit to slice bread. While dogs in general, and service dogs in particular, can do many wonderful things, these groups are very carefully leaving out some significant draw-backs and risks. And the myths are being propagated by people who know little or nothing first hand about service dogs, like Justmeinthisworld. "Stanley Coren is a professor of human psychology but has long been recognized as a leader in the effort to determine how animals, specifically dogs, think and relate to each other and to people. According to Coren, dogs have the mentality of a 2-year-old child even though dogs and kids perceive the world differently." from _How Dogs Think: Understanding the Canine Mind_ No matter what behaviors you teach a dog to perform, you cannot change his core ability to think, to reason and to make decisions. A dog will never be a better decision maker than a 2-year-old human child. So what Shidash said is true, putting a dog in charge of a child means turning that child over to the care of another toddler. Animal behaviorists and real dog trainers know that there are inherent risks any time you put a dog in control of a human being. You put the human at a very real risk of injury because when a dog perceives himself as master of a person, he has the right to correct the behavior of that human and they tend to do it with their teeth. Children are at particular risk in part because their faces are at dog eye level, and autistic children in particular because they have difficulty correctly reading the dog's expressions. According to the Centers for Disease Control, "Among children, the rate of dog bite–related injuries is highest for those ages 5 to 9 years, and children are more likely than adults to receive medical attention for dog bites than adults." and those "with two or more dogs in the household are five times more likely to be bitten than those living without dogs at home." In 2008, renowned animal behaviorist specializing in canine aggression, Kellie Sneider, spoke out about the practice of using dogs to supervise autistic children: "I have become concerned about the recent trend to use dogs to “supervise” children with autism. Some people have stories about wonderful things that happened when children were paired with assistance dogs. This is great for them, but the experiences are not necessarily universal." International Association of Assistance Dog Partners addressed their concerns almost a decade earlier in their article "What Every Caregiver Needs To Know About Service Dogs" by long time service dog trainer Joan Froling. recently a study entitled "Factors Affecting Behavior and Welfare of Service Dogs for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder," researchers from the Ontario Veterinary College (Kristen E. Burrows, Cindy L. Adams, and Suzanne T. Millman) there are significant unforeseen negative consequences to getting an autism service dog for a child. In the study, 20% of dogs (2 out of 10) placed were returned to the program that trained them in one case because the dog dragged the child into a street. Parents reported that as the novelty wore off, dragging the dog everywhere became more of a chore, but by that time the child was attached and changing the use of the dog was no longer an option. This was with the premiere program in the world for training autism service dogs for children, not a fly-by-night organization. (National Service Dogs in Canada) In just the last few weeks, two different service dog organizations have been shut down for fraud because they charged exorbitant fees and delivered dogs that were not only inadequately trained but were in fact aggressive and dangerous. Heaven Scent Paws and Betheden Kennels each required applicants to fund raise thousands of dollars to participate in their program, but delivered dogs unable to perform the work for which they were purchased. This is not something to go into lightly. It's a buyer beware market, and there are some inherent dangers to tethering that should cause a caring parent to think twice.

    Savannah A BREAK... the parent who is caring for the child would also 'steward' the dog (the the school aide or other caregiver) so yes even young children can have a service animal.. and that DOES MAKE SENSE..... one child i knew would wake up at night and roam the house the service would be that the dog alerts the parents... this is common with medical conditions--teh dog is taught to alert a caregiver.... a child who runs can be coralled by the dog......so the parent can catch up to them there are many examples of how the dog 'services' the child AND the caretaker if the dog is used at school..the STAFF can be trained on how to work with the dog..and take care of the dog, this has been done before these dogs are highly skilled..much more than a 2 year old there is nothing wrong with a dog stopping a running child... would you rather the child run into the street and get hit by a car...that is more 'dangerous'

18 years old and just received a job, please help with tax forms?

  • Jammie Schiller
    Jammie Schiller
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  • Newell Williamson
    Newell Williamson
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  • Nyasia Sauer
    Nyasia Sauer
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    General Weissnat
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