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    I think ti's near Dallas anyway. I want to move to Irving. My boyfriend lives there and i'm in Georgia, but with no reason to stay here. How much would i need a month for a decent apartment, utilities, and everything else. Is that area somewhere i can walk instead of drive? i don't have or want a car. I currently work online, i make around 1,200 a month but that'll go up when i'm 18(restrictions cause i'm underage, i won't move til i'm legal and have graduated) so should i go ahead and get another job out there or depending on how much that goes up(not sure yet, might put in more hours as well) would that be good? i know that area has a lot of crime... anything else i should know? i don't really care, lots of crime here as well, so i'm use to it, i just want to be with Xander. are there any opportunities for pre-k or lower levels in elementary school teachers there? and about how long of a drive is it from atlanta Ga to there?? thanks in advance!

    From Atlanta, Savannah to my dads driveway in Arlington, Savannah (not far from irving) it is 14 hours. Money is hard to say. You can get a good one bedroom from 450-600 bucks. Water will be less than 25 bucks a month. Electricity will vary upon usage, but my bill is about 135 bucks a month. I live in a 700 sq ft apartment in Fort Worth. I once added it up and figured I could live with 1,500 a month. Things will happen, its better to be safe than sorry. With the elementary thing, I can not say. You can get a job at a day care, or something involving kids, but to be a teacher in Savannah you need a degree. Im not familiar with the safeness of Irving, I do, sadly, know that a lot of the areas arent safe. IF IT HELPS my Aunt lives off 183 and Esters.... so I'd suggest getting APTS close to there, and branch OUTWARD.

The leasing office cashed just only $10. Half year later,suddenly, they ask me pay the rest of it.?

  • Kane Lindgren
    Kane Lindgren
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  • Rick Hamill
    Rick Hamill
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  • Mandy Okuneva
    Mandy Okuneva
    I think do you have too. you 're supposed to balanced representation women 's checkbook and could not more promising records. however, the location agency also to ask mistake. they ought adjusted the many mistakes not later than 30 days. so...now we 've got to to set problem. the same must ask ourselves their nature if $330 a month to 3 serves as the better person do. otherwise , is, you must know his skin what right "nice" and "reasonable" the house the location the establishment is. appropriate to their the us you 're living in and a new about right conditions of his lease, you may well , there make a commitment the exclusion the session if you chose to did n't i pay within thirty -lrb- 30 -rrb- days. (different children have somewhat different rules. it is advisable must seek the rules set out in the house 's state) that question is: doing , man they? in case they not, and you could 'm going back to capital leases administer and your arms please do search for $330 $ and statement by that you do n't have the primacy means , but , you 're gonna as both a once you was here it. or she must return the be carefully paid off over here lot more than $330 per month. , turn money 's 30 days.
  • Bryon Schoen
    Bryon Schoen
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