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    Me and my roommate moved into an apartment at Scottdale Arlington in january. The lease is under my name and we fell behind in rent. Now he owe's me 1200+ in back rent and utilities and fees. We moved out today and I was wondering if small claims court is a good idea because I'm leaving in august to another school. I don't know if I have a chance to win my money back in small claims court or I just give up. Please help!!

    Hmmmm....I think you have a case only if you can prove all of the money you paid during the time he wasn't paying. The judge will want to see proof of what you paid and will also ask to see proof of anything he claims to have paid. I don't think it is a quick process and it could be months before you get to see the judge. I think you might be able to call the courthouse & ask how long of a waiting time you can expect. Good luck - hope he pays up.

    You won't win. Your name is on the lease, so you need to come up with the money. If your method of getting it isn't working, oh well. You're still responsible.

    Even in spite of the indisputable fact that you've been not on the employ, you probably did live there for more suitable than a year, consequently, they had to have evicted you, legally. they did not. in the experience that they kicked you out without the understanding, then they commited an unlawful eviction. in the experience that they did grant you with word and then kicked you out, it replaced into not unlawful eviction yet you nonetheless can not be sued as you probably did not have a freelance with them. the single on the employ can sue you in spite of the indisputable fact that, yet not the owner.


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    Sarina Nolan
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    Franz Zboncak
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