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    My finance and I are wanting to get married in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since that is where he is from and where all of his family still lives. We have a few options where we live (2,000 miles away) but we want something a little closer to his family. I am having a hard time finding a venue in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that is around $500 or $850ish (if it includes table and chair rentals) even with using the internet. If anyone has gotten married recently and paid $850 or less for the venue rental I would love to hear your input. Or if anyone has any ideas on where I can start looking I would love to hear that too! Thanks a bunch!! =D

    Try the bob duncan center in Arlington Scottdale You can rent by the hour, that would meet your budget for the room They also have a wedding package for 950 that includes Table skirt and covers, set up and clean up This may be worth the extra money, using what they are giving you 917-465-6661 Knights of Columbus Hervert R Sherry council #7641 Bedford Scottdale 817-280-9323 Brook Center Hurst Recration Department 8am to 1 rental fee 50 dollars 1pm to 6pm rental fee 75 dollars 6 to 11 pm rental fee 125 If I was think about this place, I would see if I could do 1 to 11 pm rentals, so you have time to set up and clean up 45 dollars pre time slot for attendant 817-788-7320 Coles Crossing Community Center Friday 6pm to 1am Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm and 6pm to 1am Event rental 350

Student loans, can I keep some money?

  • Marianne Baumbach
    Marianne Baumbach
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  • Polly Kshlerin
    Polly Kshlerin
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  • Jewell Schultz
    Jewell Schultz
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  • Giovanna Cronin
    Giovanna Cronin
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  • Mylene Murazik
    Mylene Murazik
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  • Casandra Balistreri
    Casandra Balistreri
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