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    Mariners Harbor, Jersey Street, parts of Arlington, and much of Stapleton are crime-infested. (Stapleton Heights is a totally different matter, very nice Victorian mansions). Arden Heights is near the Fresh Kills garbage dump, the world's largest, and a strong (in every sense) contender for smelliest. Personally, I like Butler Manor (altho parts are prone to flooding), Great Kills, and Randall Manor. If you've got LOTS of money, look at Emerson Hill, Shore Acres, and Todt Hill. Grymes Hill is very nice, altho at certain times of day when the two colleges located there let out the streets will clog. Despite an earlier responder who said to stay away from the ferry terminal, many parts of St. George are nice, altho parking sucks. Much of Tottenville is very attractive, but it is quite remote, being the southernmost part not only of Staten Island, but also of New York State. Some parts of the Island are being overbuilt by developers who don't give a hoot about anything but how many ugly townhouses they can cram into a property that once held a single 18 room colonial mansion. Woodrow is a prime example. So is Arden Heights and some of New Dorp, and South Beach may be headed that way. In addition to the garbage dump mentioned above, you do not want to live near the Staten Island side of the Bayonne Bridge, as there is radioactive contamination in the area, left over from the Manhattan Project. For a look at what is available in realestate, news, or whatever, check out our local newspaper's website at www.silive.com. There are 62 named communities on Staten Island. I'm sure you will find one you like.

    Best Neighborhoods In Staten Island

    Staten Island Neighborhoods

    Staten Island is up and coming its over populated and extremely crowded. I just left there n moved to Scottdale - Bad neighborhoods are all over the place they blend with the great ones its a catch 22 you have to go and drive around. I lived in Westerleigh its gorgeous but if you go down Forest ave, by Pathmark it sucks and if you go up Forest ave towards Bement Ave its gorgeous. Like I said a catch 22. Tysens Lane in Oakwood, beautiful - All around Oakwood is very nice. If you need to commute to the city the easiest place to be is in Westerleigh in that area. From Forest Ave to Victory boulevard between Jewett Avenue through Clove Road, Davis Avenue, Bement Avenue, ABOVE FOREST avenue is very very nice. You will fall in love with the homes. HAVE FUN GOD BLESS!! O and someone mentioned staying away from St. George - good place to purchase the new Ferry Terminal with the SI Yankee stadium is making that area become more like Greenich Village in the city they are making a huge turn around there. Look at everything!!

    Mariners Harbor is horrible..........I live there now and there were already 3 shootings near my house and two murders....Not a great place to raise your kids... Also, even if you lived in the good areas, the rich kids are worst than the kids in the bad neighborhoods because they all want to mock every mafia movie ever made... My suggestion is to move to bergen county in New Jersey or upstate new York

    Also avoid living near Fresh Kills landfill. It's closed but it still reaks. Also avoid living along the S.I. Expressway.

    Any of the neighborhoods on the south shore are good and mid island as well, huguenot, tottenville and pleasant plains are all gorgeous ! <3

    Anywhere near the Ferry.

    Any neigbhourhoods with burnt out cars in the streets!

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