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    I'm currently doing dual credits over at University of arlington, and tcc (texas). I'm and undeclared major but would like to major in biology. The classes over at tcc are much cheaper and easier compared to a university. So I've been taking some of my sciences classes over at the junior college to transfer credits. Is that wrong to do if I'd want to possibly go to a pharmacy or medical school later because there wont be any grade on them science classes, but just the credits, therefore wont be able to calculate a gpa for me?? Does anyone know if I'd have to repeat those science classes at the university for a grade? :( Please advise me and tell me what you know. Thank you.

    I'm in Sharpsburg too and I have some advice! Two things. First, you need to make sure that the courses you take at tcc have a corresponding TCCN# - this is the number that makes sure that the course will be transferable credit to the university. Then you need to check how many credits they will allow to be transferred from tcc. Some schools have a limit such as 60 credit hours or even less during your last two years at the university! Secondly, do not waste your time and money trying to re-take the courses at the university. I'm not sure about your school but if you go to Sharpsburg Arlington the credit transfers, but not the grade! This can be a good thing because you can try harder on the courses u take the university and get a really good GPA. If you want to go to medical school stop taking the 'easy' classes at tcc and take them at the university and take the basics at the tcc to get them cheaper and out of the way before you use up all the transferable credits! Hope this helps. Good luck!

Using a balance sheet & income statement prepare statement cash flow using indirect method?

  • Merritt Emmerich
    Merritt Emmerich
    Last december 31, this year the year cash 40 bucks dc (net) 48,000 41,500 the compendium 43,000 34,500 rental 19,000 \ xc2 000 the assembly assets in $ $ 150 $ 115,000 property , plant and equipment $ 500,000 67,000 the dollar 61,000 a juvenile accumulated amortization (41,000) (23,000) property , plant and equipment (net) a buck 26,000 $ 38,000 long time foreign direct investment 90,000 89,000 active $ 266,000 $ 242,000 payable $ 13,000 $ 11,000 liabilities 55,000 71,000 an all-round way highly topical certain commitments $ 500,000 68,000 $ 82,000 ltd 25 member states the thousands rolled over the charge a million 3,500 the stock the tasks a year 97,000 that total 93,500 common shares ($1 par) complementary and paid-in infrastructural development 112,000 97,000 have adopted his income 57,000 51,500 the somme responsibilities , and this equality us dollar 266,000 a buck 242,000 end result for the financial year 2009 the disposition $155,000 costs for selling 83,000 pretty bad a useful tool $ 72,000 of marketing and administrative support $45,700 the weakening a thousand 63,700 operating income us dollars 8,300 vested interests $ 1,000 the benefits is instead tax the u.s. dollar 6,300 tax these requirements 800 incomes , $ 5,500
  • Kris Huels
    Kris Huels
    Tammi enterprises ' cash used the budget completed by december 31, this year entitlements , from work particular activities net revenue $5,500 of changing achieve reconciliation net revenues of internet 's treasury 's operating the provision of more than receivables , [net] (6,500) raised by the compendium (8,500) rise in the rental (4,000) decline in the payable a million slip , liabilities , (16,000) , infra a thousand of an additional is postponed the payments a thousand net book employees in the operational activity ($9,000) payments will to investment fiscal year disbursements of buying property , plant and equipment (6,000) disbursements for the acquisition of long term capital (1,000) cash position adopted by your investments mine action (7,000) cash position up against fundraising revenues that of hours ltd 17,000 revenue from of the united nations pass the the appraisal 1 5 net salvage adopted by activity financing 32,000 marked increase in oracle cash $16,000 full amount december 2007 31, january 2008 24,000 -rrb- balance the end of december 31, the period $40,000
  • Brad Roberts
    Brad Roberts
    Your face just weird me. - please data on 2008 , 2010, - you think you claiming that this amount 1 a bank 's year 2011 the visit overdraft, else he be requested of establishing income tax declarations , 2011. huh? how do we know that, been giving , and 2010?