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    Well if you do not want to spend any money. Here are 25 free things that you can do in Washinton Smyrna The nation's capital has a wealth of attractions to offer -- and the best part is that many of them are free! Visit museums, art galleries, monuments and more without spending a dime. Here are some freebies that are not to be missed: 1. Arlington National Cemetery Visit the serene resting place of war veterans. Stroll past rows and rows of solemn white gravestones...and follow the masses to the gravesite of President John F. Kennedy. Buried with his wife Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, two children, and brother Bobby nearby, his grave is marked with an eternal flame. Not far away is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where visitors may watch the changing of the guard at regular intervals throughout the day. 2. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Six theaters at The Kennedy Center host plays, ballets, musical performances and more. The Washington Opera and the National Symphony Opera play here -- and yes, seeing a performance will cot you money. But it's entirely free to take a guided tour of the massive complex seven days a week. You'll see the performance halls, and lots of artwork and sculptures donated to the Center. 3. Stroll the Mall The vast green space book-ended by the Capitol and the Washington monument is a hub of activity. The mall has hosted protests, concerts, festivals and more. And hundreds of joggers prowl the big rectangle every day. It's a refreshing oasis in the middle of a bustling city. And it is the ideal place for a nice quiet rest between stops at the various Smithsonian Museums around its edges. 4. Visit the President (well, his house anyway) Want to drop in on the leader of the free world while you're in town? Well, you can, but don't expect to meet Willie himself. Free guided tours of some of the rooms in the White House are held every Saturday. This is a popular attraction though-- the lineup to get in is often hundreds deep even first thing in the morning. 5. Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Enjoy the beauty of the blooms growing in ponds along the Anacostia River. You can see thousands of water plants and flowers, and it won't cost you a cent. This is the last natural marsh in Washington, and is home to dozens of species of birds. 6. The Smithsonian Institution The Smithsonian is the best deal in town. Like the rest of the attractions listed here, it's absolutely free. But it is massive-- encompassing 16 museums and art galleries. Each of these buildings could easily take you a day or more to see. They house everything from the Fonz' leather jacket to the Hope Diamond to actual spaceships. 7. The U.S. Capitol Free guided tours give you an up close look at the workings of government. You can see where the senators and representatives shape policy, admire the spectacular rotunda and see things like the original Supreme Court chamber. 8. Observe the Supreme Court in session All of the sessions at the majestic Supreme Court building are open to the public and are absolutely free. And if there isn't something going on the day of your visit, you can still enjoy a lecture in the courtroom. There are also exhibits and a film to explain the workings of justice at the country's highest court. 9. Enjoy a Monumental vacation It's completely free to take a walk around and a look at some very recognizable memorials. There's the towering Washington monument, the regal Lincoln Memorial and the moving Vietnam Memorial. Most of the monuments are within a short walk of each other, near the reflecting pool. 10. National Geographic Society Stop in at the National Geographic Society's Explorers Hall. There, you can experience interactive educational exhibits. Ever wanted to touch a tornado or take a simulated flight high above the earth's surface? Here's the place to do it. There are permanent and changing exhibits open to the public, free of charge. 11. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum This extremely moving museum is a popular destination for visitors. It's free, but you should reserve tickets in advance to be guaranteed admission. The museum chronicles the rise and fall of the Nazis, and the horrible treatment inflicted upon Jews and others during the Holocaust. Upon entry, each visitor receives a booklet detailing a Holocaust survivor or victim's life. Throughout the museum, visitors are prompted to turn the page of their booklet and find out more about what the person went through during the Nazi reign. At the end, you learn his or her fate. A trip through this museum is not to be missed. 12. Tour the Pentagon Free guided tours give you a glimpse into the Department of Defense headquarters. You won't see anything top secret, but it's a thrill just to see the high-ranking military personnel strolling the corridors and wonder what goes on behind all of those closed doors. 13. Bureau of Engraving and Printing There is lots and lots of money here-- but you won't need to part with any of your own to enjoy it. Visitors take a free self guided tour past the moneymaking machines that grind out the nation's currency. And no, there are no free samples at the end of the tour. 14. C & O Canal The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal traces a route 185 miles long, through Maryland and the District of Columbia. It was completed in 1850, and was used as a shipping link to the Potomac River. Visitors to Washington's trendy Georgetown section need to just take a quick detour down one of many side streets to spy the canal up close, and enjoy a walk or a bicycle ride along its banks. 15. National Arboretum Over 400 acres of plants, trees, shrubs and more are laid out for you to explore. You can marvel at the unique Bonsai collection, or enjoy a picnic amidst the blooms. 16. Ford's Theater Ford's Theater is the site of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Back in 1865, he was shot by John Wilkes Booth while watching a play from his box seat. Today, the National park Service operates a museum in the theater, which features artifacts and photos. Park rangers give regular talks about the night the President was shot. Across the street is The Peterson House, where Lincoln was carried after the shooting, and where he died. While you'll have to pay for the privilege of seeing a play in the historic theater-- a look inside the theater or the house where Lincoln died, a ranger talk and admission to the museum are all free. 17. National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Visitor Center More than 14,000 law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty are honored here. Their names are inscribed on marble walls, and interactive video displays tell some of their stories. Free children's activity packets, maps and brochures are available. 18. Tour the FBI Another popular attraction is the free FBI building tour. You'll see crime labs, pictures of the ten most anted criminals, and even a live firearms demonstration by agents. The FBI tour is temporarily closed due to threats on the agency. 19. See JFK's old house Before he moved into the White house, John F. Kennedy lived in the red house-- a historic brick building in Georgetown. While it's not open to the public, it costs nothing to take a stroll down JFK's leafy old street and gaze at the place that was once home to the Camelot family. Pop in at the tourist office and ask for directions. 20. Browse through history at the National Archives You can research your family history, examine government documents, view the original Declaration of Independence and marvel at more than three billion records at the National Archives. Group tours are available by appointment. 21. Stroll in Georgetown It doesn't cost anything to window shop in the trendy and often pricey Georgetown. You can browse through shops offering everything from house wares to clothing, or enjoy the view from a sidewalk cafe. The hustle and the bustle of the main thoroughfare disappears when you venture down one of the narrow side streets. There, you'll find the regal old mansions and townhouses of the political and social elite, or of the just plain rich. 22. Union Station The spectacular architecture of Union Station is worth a look. And if that doesn't interest you, there are a variety of shops and restaurants to entice you inside. 23. National Gallery of Art European and American works of art are on display in the National Gallery. There are paintings, sculpture and other features. And the museum regularly hosts exhibits from around the world. 24. Hear the Voice of America The worldwide television and radio service opens its facilities in Smyrna to visitors. You can see a film and exhibits on the broadcaster's history, as well as tour the newsroom and facilities. 25. Navy Museum Look at naval art, artifacts and more at the Navy Museum. Take a gander at old ship equipment-- including submarine periscopes and World war two gun mounts.

    Go to the Smithsonian museums (Air and Space, Natural History, etc.) They are free!

    The Smithsonian museums are free.

    Dont move there, thats the cheapest. besides, you wont like it

    Go to Georgetown area! - just great!

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