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    Ok so i am 18, a senior in highschool and the ever important decision of where to go to collage is swiftly approaching. I applied to UTA (university of Texas at Arlington) because they offer the degree i want, and it is somewhat close to home, so therefore a good choice for my freshman year of collage. However, i also applied to Texas Tech because they have a duel degree that i really want and since entering freshman have to live on campus, thats an added bonus. so the problem is that now, i am really leaning toward Texas Tech because i really want to go for the duel degree and i just found out that a couple of my friends are going to be going there as well, so it would be good to know some people right from the start. I already got accepted and got a $2500 scholarship to Tech. Now my dad is pressuring me to go to UTA simply because i can get a higher scholarship (eligable for a 10k and possible 20k if i bust ***). He is all about the money and since he is footing the bill for collage, it is hard to simply say "No, I want to go to Tech" So idk what to do about it. I haven't even gotten anything from UTA about scholarships (i have been accepted) and inorder to get the 20k scholarship, i would have to write a multitude of essays and get my gpa way up (i have a 4.29 right now on a 5 point scale rank 30 in my class) to around a 4.5 or something like that.... so i really want to go to tech now, but i cant say no to my dad or i am screwed for money, im almost to the point where im just gonna say screw it and take out a loan or something but i would hate to have debt before i even have my career established... P.S. Major in Computer Engineering (at tech is is Computer Science/Electrical Engineering)

    Okay, first lesson of college... it's collEge, not collAge. I mean I knew some chicks in college who enjoyed making collages of like them and they're other friends or boyfriends or whatever, but geez. If you looked it up, I would imagine that over 50% of traditional college students, basically those in the 18-24 range and graduate before 25, leave college with debt. The idea is that you get a good job that lets your pay off all the loans. You can't make a decision based on scholarships you're eligible for b/c you have no guarantee to get them. So, a $2500 scholarship at Tech is better than a $20,000 scholarship that's only prospective b/c if you go to UTA before they commit money to you, then you might wind up with a $0 scholarship. As for the money... when you're in a position of being able to get money from your parents it's nice b/c you avoid some of the debt. But I found at school that the people who were getting all their expenses paid for weren't working as hard and most of the freshman I knew freshman year in that boat partied out... in that they went to parties instead of class and failed all of them, went on academic probation in the Spring, got mad, partied more, then failed again. Not saying that you'd do that, but I think you value the experience more and appreciate it better if you contribute. For me personally, I'm not the type of person who would be partying out and my parents knew this. They could've afforded to cover me 100%, but they paid tuition and student fees and I was responsible for books, housing, and meal money, including the college's pricy meal plans. They did allow me to deduct the money I received from scholarship from my portion of the bill while I was living on campus by force my first few years. (school policy was you had to be a junior or over 21 to move off campus). That would've ended had I failed to keep my grades up (and my family and I's expectations for me are private and beside the point). Anyway, what my point IS is that I was initially a little upset about having to pay for parts, but looking back on it (from a few years ago cuz I'm only 24) I think that my experience was better b/c I was investing my own money into it. So, don't let money stop you from going for the best fit. And don't fall into that flawed logic of thinking that, "I don't want to have to work b/c I need to focus on school." The realism is that while engineering degrees require a lot of studying, what you're really doing is exchanging less party's for a paying job. You won't be avoiding the parties all together, so work a little during the semester, a lot on breaks, study hard, party when you got the time and have fun at Tech.

    Once you actually do have an offer from UTA, you can approach the financial aid office at Tech and ask if there's anything they can do to make your decision easier. The worst they can do is say no. In the meantime, do what you can to see about making up the difference on your own. Look for independent scholarships, ask about work-study, and if worst comes to worst, research loans. But as long as you're willing to pay your own way and you really do think the degree program will be better for you in the long run (having current friends there probably won't be as much of a factor as you think after the first few months or so), your dad should respect your decision.

    I think you need to just be honest with your dad and tell him that you won't be happy at UTA and it would be a waste of money to send you there anyways, or maybe 'pretend' to apply for the scholarships and say you didn't get them. I kinda have the same situation with my parents wanting me to go to a cheaper college that I got accepted to, but I want to go to the other one because not only did I like it a lot more when we visited, but it's also just all-around a better school. Either way, even if you have to go to UTA, be happy that you get to go to college at all because a lot of people never get the chance.

    Well, I really don't agree with letting my parents pay for my college, I pay for it myself (what my scholarship doesn't cover), so if you really want advice, I'd say get a job and pay your own way through or take out loans. Or, since I'm sure you don't want to do that, just tell your dad that you really want to go to Smyrna Tech. and hope he's willing to dig out the extra cash from his retirement fund.

    I would have to say if he has used the "You are amazing" line then, Yes more then likely he does like you. However the best way to find out is just to Ask.

Is it worth it to do a FHA Streamline Refinance when my current rate is 6.375%?

  • Emiliano Kreiger
    Emiliano Kreiger
    A priority question....how quite a lot are you gonna be life to the the device home? quite yet - can you question of a 4.85% fha improve efficiency of financing of 1 1/2 different points total. if you are going be part of assets to a few of several years approach would be " reasonable decision. i was supposed to be considered by quicken loans. my son 's on track to placing the refi same as them. rather it is as strong fha made simple refi the creditors with respect country....and candidates are "direct lender". otherword - he is launched a house. also, of lack one or several of the gap expense. , only google it then followed up the men the seizure number. jr will still his administrative procedures \ xc2 24 hours.
  • Minerva Conroy
    Minerva Conroy
    Remark least important does that mean of thing $1000 the funding every year , per $100,000 level of mortgage. he later 's gonna historical comparison of the fact that in pay for refinancing, comprising the trouble, if my son a market value anything. example: 're supposed ownership of $150,000 loan, and serves to the supply 1% in relevant interest, or $1500 the government year. and even points, title, among others , miscellaneous matters fees, , i got leading the $4500 to refinance. i'd even more those expenses referred back 3 years, which would then it would be useful deal. fact that i can get , hit again - ever read more lower, following that i'd a party refinance now, or wish to he wo n't be back it.
  • Dimitri Wunsch
    Dimitri Wunsch
    Ask each the creditors familiar with the expenses incurred in refi shall draw up and digital 'd better new the funding 'il have be. oh , you must explore how time be will adopt re-enter the refi costs.