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    According to the Federal Per Diem rates, which are daily allowances given to federal employees when deployed on a job, here is what I discovered: Per Diem rates for Texas, lowest and highest: $39 (Waco, Kileen) to $54 (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio) Per Diem rates for Illinois, lowest and highest: $39 (Rockford) to $64 (Chicago) For anyone unfamiliar with per diem, it covers meals and incidental expenses. Theoretically, it is the money you need for 3 meals and little expenses here and there. Basically, if a city is typically more expensive to eat in (less fast food, more sit-down restaurants), they give you more money. In answer to your question, Texas seems to be slightly cheaper, but it really depends on if you live in a downtown area or in a suburb/rural area.

    I'm originally from Chicago and now reside in Dallas. I can tell you this: I don't check out specific food items, however, beer is definitely more expensive in Dallas. Every time my friends or family come down to visit me, they comment on how much cheaper it is up North. I don't know if that's a good measuring stick, however, it's a place to start. You'll make up for it with cheaper rent costs and no state tax down here. The price of homes is lower, however, property taxes are much higher. It all evens out in the end.

    I would definately say that it's more expensive in Illinois. Also figure in the sales tax rate in the city that you are dining in, since that adds to the cost. Arlington, definately has a cheaper cost of living then Snellville does.

    If live in Southern Snellville then the food here is a little more if you are in Northern Snellville it may be cheaper here.

    I lived in Illinois for 2 years, and no food is not more exspencive here in Dallas, TX. Food is more there since you have a state sales tax, and all the other little goodies that the DUMB *** state of Illinois says they need. Pardon my French, but I hated Illinois and still do.

    Costs are alwys more expensive up north. Texas is realtively cheap compared to other states!

    No, food is not more expensive in Texas. Where you'll find the most vast differences are in the housing markets and wages. Good luck with your move!

    I've been 2 both & i think il was More

    No just better.

What to Pay off First?

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    Kailee Swaniawski
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  • Ruby Tromp
    Ruby Tromp
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    Rosamond Wiza
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    Genoveva Barrows
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    Carlos Pollich
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  • Benedict Watsica
    Benedict Watsica
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    Mark King
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