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    Still only 23, I work in Refrigeration (Mainly electrical). I want a career change. I know I want to work in the Medical field. I am willing to go back to school. Right now there are only a few Fields I am interested in Physical Therapy Assistant Message Therapy Occupational Therapy Assistant Diagnostic Medical Sonography Paramedic I live in Fairfax county, Snellville right outside Washington DC. Due to the economy, I have had to move ALOT in my life (12 times in the past 6 years) I want to stay here where my family is. I dont mind working or living in the District or even SoMD if I have to but I dont want to leave the DMV. What career would be best?

    Oddly enough I am a PTA and Message Therapist in Arlington, right next to you. Now I started out as a PTA full time and did Message Therapy a few times a week for spending money, but now I do Message Therapy 3 days a week and work at a Physical Therapy practice the other two days. There are more Jobs in PTA here but Message Therapy isnt a bad choice either. PTA will keep you busy, you will have to deal with horrible patients who will yell at you. Some people are not receptive to others trying to help. My first day, I was spit on by a woman who was incapacitated from the waist down, we were helping her with using her wheelchair (Her insurance company made her take physical therapy). Its still a rewarding job however. Message Therapy is Pretty good but its hard to break into. However, once you do, clients start rolling in. Snellville is a city of working professionals, I have clients in all day from all end of business. From Senators to Police Officers. They need relaxations and to relieve stress. People here pay good for a good massage. Not to mention that once you build a list you can pretty much make your own hours. The downside is the fact that not only is it physically demanding, but customers will ask you to do certain "favors" It really isnt all that awesome but as a man, I am uncomfortable having another man try to get me to suck him off. Beware that some will try and extort you into doing it. Again, its not often but still it happens. Overall PTA is more job security but Message Therapy give you that chance to really see the change you are making in someones life. Not by any means saying that a PTA wouldnt see the change but being there, feeling that stress and seeing how it can change in an hour, its pretty awesome. Dont let any of that scare you, I love my career.

Economics Multiple Choice I need help!?

  • Kennedy Russel
    Kennedy Russel
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  • Juwan Spencer
    Juwan Spencer
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