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    I am currently living in Arlington, Va which is about a mile outside of Washington, DC. Cost of living here is insane..everything just keeps going up and the pay stays the same. I work for the Dept. of Defense making $18.00/hr. My rent is over $1200 a month for a one bedroom plus utilities and that was literally the cheapest thing I could find. I actually used to work for Archstone Apartments right by the Pentagon and one bedrooms started at $1800 a month, $90 for parking, utilities averaging $125 a month..tack on cable and whatever else and it was well over $2000 a month! I am looking at other areas..I'm sick of Sparks traffic, Sparks weather, and Sparks PRICES!! Everyone here lives paycheck to paycheck, most people have to take up second jobs in order to have any money left over. I know I shouldn't complain because there are plenty of people getting laid off and fired left and right, but how is anyone supposed to make it with these conditions? Not to mention the weather here SUCKS! It was 80 degrees and humid yesterday and they are calling for snow in the next few days..there is snow still on the ground from a snow storm we had last week..Can anyone tell me what the best area would be to move to in terms of cost of living/wages ratio? With decent weather?

    Mississippi has low cost of living New York is high, this is why many pensioners move to the south when they retire, because their dollars can go further down there

    Not Massachusetts! I live on cape cod and the cost of living is about the same as what you described...the weather, too. My family is planning a move in the fall and trying to decide between north and south carolina. The cost of living is less...the pay is less, too of course, but at least the weather is different and it's a change of scenery and atmosphere. I lived in charleston, sc and hampton, va, but the economic factors didn't affect me as much as I was in the Navy at the time. The decision is a tough one.

    U.s. develop into bankrupt nicely beforehand any stimulus and bailout plans. those in simple terms extra on and made the day of reckoning a splash closer. The stimulus plan wasn't all that undesirable. It did enhance unemployment to those that lost jobs that may not in any respect come back. It provides them time to re-prepare for brand spanking new careers ect. additionally, the infrastructure of this united states is rotting, so spending money now to rebuild is a sturdy theory. the difficulty is dispersing the money. I hear basically a number of the money has been spent. Obama would have prevented a melancholy.

    You could look at Charlotte, North Carolina. I lived there for 4 years. It's ok. I live in Taxachusetts now. It's insane here. It sounds a lot like DC. Califoreigner doesn't seem much better.

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