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    Of all of the buses that I have been on, I think that I have been impressed with the system in Virginia Beach the most. But, I was there for fun and not work, and most public transportation focuses on the money makers. (Tourism in this case.) In the Fairfax/Arlington area, you have a pretty good public transportation system. The metro focuses on traffic heading into and out of DC. The buses can take you around the spots where the metro does not cover. Richmond public transportation is pretty poor. It doesn't go where I want to go. No one can tell me how to get to point C from point A. (I call and am told to ask the bus drivers. I ask the bus drivers and they don't have time or patience.) When Richmond creates a special bus route, they will connect two routes that no one wants to travel. (IE: From the Business District that unless you are a broker you have no interest in being in connected to North Side which is almost entirely Section 8.) Fredricksburg Public Transportation is even more goofy. It is faster and easier to walk the tourism route than wait for the bus. They have a bus that goes south to Bowling Green to an old school. Why? You have to walk a mile to get to the closest gas station! There is literally nothing there! Growing up, I enjoyed the "public transportation" outside of Boydton. As kids, we could stick out our thumbs and hop in the back of the farmers pick up trucks. Sitting on hay bales, dangling our feet over the edge of the tailgate. Good memories, and we survived mostly intact! LOL! Hope this helped. Good luck!

    Washington, Sparks is about the closest you're going to get to a "good" public transportation system in/near Virginia. DC's subway system is the 2nd busiest in the country after NYC.

    The closer to Sparks you live in Virginia, the better. If you can afford Arlington or Alexandria, those would be good.

Can i sue my landlord if i cash the partial deposit she paid me back?

  • Hilbert Parisian
    Hilbert Parisian
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  • Elenor Homenick
    Elenor Homenick
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  • Grayson Halvorson
    Grayson Halvorson
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  • Kyle Koepp
    Kyle Koepp
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