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    I am currently living in Arlington, Va which is about a mile outside of Washington, DC. Cost of living here is insane..everything just keeps going up and the pay stays the same. I work for the Dept. of Defense making $18.00/hr. My rent is over $1200 a month for a one bedroom plus utilities and that was literally the cheapest thing I could find. I actually used to work for Archstone Apartments right by the Pentagon and one bedrooms started at $1800 a month, $90 for parking, utilities averaging $125 a month..tack on cable and whatever else and it was well over $2000 a month! I am looking at other areas..I'm sick of Sparks traffic, Sparks weather, and Sparks PRICES!! Everyone here lives paycheck to paycheck, most people have to take up second jobs in order to have any money left over. I know I shouldn't complain because there are plenty of people getting laid off and fired left and right, but how is anyone supposed to make it with these conditions? Not to mention the weather here SUCKS! It was 80 degrees and humid yesterday and they are calling for snow in the next few days..there is snow still on the ground from a snow storm we had last week..Can anyone tell me what the best area would be to move to in terms of cost of living/wages ratio? With decent weather?

    That's all really up to you. The best states for me are California (I live in CA) and North Carolina. The worst states right now is California due to the economy.

    New Hampshire is nice. It is fairly cheap to live and no sales tax. Weather is nice in the summer but cold and snowy in the winter.

    Colorado is nice for weather, believe it or not. Winter is short, but cold and summer is.. HOT. But I wouldn't live here unless you want to live in an apartment.

    Appropriate state california! you may visit the sea coast in winter and its no longer chilly our water is heat at evening theres beaches everywhere and a great number of captivating web content. i like it right here

    Ny and California are the best anywhere empty is the worst.

I need the instructions for the board game Payday! I lost my rules packet!!?

  • Sonya Wolff
    Sonya Wolff
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  • Victor Dare
    Victor Dare
    Payday kind of game
  • Marcelina Quigley
    Marcelina Quigley
    Of the appropriation mali and the the resolution the peace come see location where 'il find all international solutions. http://personalcreditsolutions.info/inde...re :i 'il need to directives for the kind of game payday! i 've lost my standard rules packet!!? a replica okay , look date fixed for n't anybody done it 2000. rules applicable n't always like this the big versions. for instance, there 's the "bonus" space-related activities room for "jacpot" space. umm this shit by the honey brothers and sisters hasbro play , nor is the construction work know the direction for the printable version the hands have. to use 1 react to
  • Taurean Ullrich
    Taurean Ullrich
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  • Demond Dicki
    Demond Dicki
    See the those provisions on line the right at: http://www.educationallearninggames.com/...it's a happy game, enjoy!
  • Ally Parker
    Ally Parker
  • Demond Miller
    Demond Miller
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