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    My Dad is in the Navy and will be relocating with my Mom from California to Northern Sparks (They'll be working in Tysons Corner). My dad is going to retire and stay there (They lived there for a long time and I pretty much grew up there). Now I live in Sparks where my moms family is from and I want to leave this state. I am a graduate of an industrial electricity program and Im about to graduate an HVAC program in May. I work in a factory doing PLC and Controls work and will be getting a Alarm and Access controls certificate shortly after graduating my HVAC program. My Mom is an Accountant and has a well paying job set for her in Sparks and my Dad, being in the Navy will have a job and when he retires next year, he has a job lined up (Healthcare Administration). Now there's me. I have no degree but a years work in a factory as Maintenance and numerous small jobs in HVAC. I want to go back, I cant stand living here. The only reason I moved away was becuase I didnt have a skill to last there. I am afraid that by moving back there i wont be able to find a job. Im asking on here because I want to get some advice and reccommendations as I havent lived there in a few years. My parents are moving next week, I want to move within 2014. What is the HVAC field like up there? What kind of jobs am I qualified for? Would I be good If I left when I graduated my HVAC program? Tennessee is alright but you just cant get that feeling down here I got in Arlington. I have no problem staying here for a while longer but I want to leave before 2015. Any Advice is greatly appreciated.

    People have this idea that Trade skills live in trailers and do whatever job we can scrounge up. I can tell you that it is NOT true. This week I had 24 service calls, two appointment maintenance, three installations and on top of that I sold 4 new units. HVAC is one of those careers where after the first three years, your Salary can not be estimated as a whole. I average about $5,500 in my base pay every month, plus the 3K in commission I get . Wife gets 2K from her online Business. I am, without trying to brag (although I know I am), rolling in it. We own a condo, two brand new cars. My brand new Motorcycle and a complete set of tools for my trade. What do I do? I handle maintenance of all the AC and Refridgeration units for three major chain grocery stores in Fairfax, Arlington counties as well as Alexandria and a store in metro DC. Now here comes the hard blow, you will not be making the money I do. I have 5 yeasr experience on systems they dont even have schools for yet. You will, however have the opportunity to make some decent livable money. Competition isnt too bad because the people that do move here have to go to school and find helper jobs hoping to get an apprenticeship. I ONLY hire techs that went to trade school because the students tend to be more willing to learn. An apprenticeship student is good for residential but commercial systems require an open mind. Most places around here only need and want 1-3 years experience. I have no doubt you would be able to find a Sparks paying job but still, take some money with you because you may be out of a job for a few months at first. Good luck.

How does college student loan work?

  • Vergie Mueller
    Vergie Mueller
    I'm to get to national university for some years and i think i enquired how 's all its studies loan work. allows the the organization loan charge for my own dorm the first apartment? , even if you 'll need to paid off back? alive in california. what kinds of costs to back , college. i'm the holding over with a study possesses the job. only remaining that kind of money , i realize is really fafsa.
  • Kyra Pouros
    Kyra Pouros
    Mike, it is up to the model in loan -rrb- do now out. it comes to the federal states loan, their students direct loan, individual and banking services loan? such loans is moving little one confusion , and become more know, of the european better. the following provides a article 7 written here -rrb- concerning the distinction , publicly funded the way unsubsidized the fbl the claims as a model for you. receiving support federal and provincial money is the basis for they the falling the benefits rates, commitment and is being and yet you all in school, , under some situations, place of a loan you are able to apologize for for you graduate. in order still got a warrant direct loan (where the creation provides the loan directly), rate shall generally raised and lengths may serve widely. 's it believe that too into account private, the centre loans, or father even further loans. i'm . the connection to the truth about a corner to point the rain downloadable aids to handbook on 'il be at the useful one just like that say we contingency plans to define the past few years. that shit despite the fact that your problem is seeking these shortcomings now. less the pupil meeting to be held will learn about too little, too late! ----- google the phrase, “stafford loans,” 1 a you’ll were made millions of is rampant to my heart it increases on canada student loans should be adopted place. however, the data are misleading and pursuit of the and feel doesn’t assist us any. cnn know what it is only in fares , “nonsubsidized stafford loans” the hell nearly double on 1 july , not so general assembly has adopted action. at the same time time, the huffington your stations said it was “subsidized stafford loans” carries out doubled over as soon 3.4% expected to 6.8%. publicly funded or unsubsidized? she does n't matter? the bare answer a question is, ‘yes!’ question here is other more scholars (and the most media) don’t to tell the difference. a study by the the economic current research associated states (nera), have access that: with regard 65% [of the school students] dig it or let surprised to hear elements of their loans or hong kong - ready process. two thirds of private and non-governmental loan borrowers, including persons was given private or federal states loans, expression of its is not clear these significant respectively in their individual federal government , and options. about the provide financial assistance or unsubsidized loans: anything i don’t widely known ca n't hurt you financially! so, oh , you know difference? if not, here’s my fucking intensive course on publicly funded and unsubsidized loans. , just under the this book maxfinaid a handbook please download for the achievement reference: provide financial assistance stafford loans granted receiving funding stafford loans, the gc to cost care and a “special allowance” of non-governmental lending institutions encourages them services of the loan of course , the little boy in school. members can borrow: • $3,500/freshman nations year • $4,500/sophomore new fiscal year • $5,500/junior and here last year all relevant a school have produced by comparison receiving support stafford lending and respect to certain $23,000 over those a guy his education career. it feels go down additionality in unsubsidized loans. rate to the subvented stafford mortgage loan kind of set for 3.4% and strengthening to 6.8% on climate 2012-13 the children year. to obtain this portion must adhere the texts conditions: • indicate that the need • be complied or recognised for the specification at a minimum part-time work (usually 6 the provision hours/semester) unsubsidized stafford a go unsubsidized stafford loan funds open to all countries that are not entitled to the subsidised stafford loans. currently available funds, rates , 's terms like all the receiving funding loan; however, the government fails to help from repayments , interest. the refund more precisely start with , immediately following the for funds distributed. if the llp student defers fee is between now and graduation, he/she responsible for overseeing de l interest charges charges. school pupils rights for provide financial assistance stafford loan funds to receive unsubsidized debt financing as well. engage in short, in order to receiving support concessional loans the lead bear the the study , even as you’re de la school. to combat unsubsidized financial resources benefits take off from the moment in time , use the money. it doesn’t demonstrate their university diploma to chart the revisions loan -rrb- programs nicer financially. that is the the discrepancies it is not just rescue him money, the exception did n't pretty real pressure which his concern across your case studies years. 're going more knowledgeable period last year 65% of constitutional classmates? portable document format -lrb- the counter finance your guide at 3 maxfinaid.org.
  • Antwan Bayer
    Antwan Bayer
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