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    I am currently living in Arlington, Va which is about a mile outside of Washington, DC. Cost of living here is insane..everything just keeps going up and the pay stays the same. I work for the Dept. of Defense making $18.00/hr. My rent is over $1200 a month for a one bedroom plus utilities and that was literally the cheapest thing I could find. I actually used to work for Archstone Apartments right by the Pentagon and one bedrooms started at $1800 a month, $90 for parking, utilities averaging $125 a month..tack on cable and whatever else and it was well over $2000 a month! I am looking at other areas..I'm sick of Statesboro traffic, Statesboro weather, and Statesboro PRICES!! Everyone here lives paycheck to paycheck, most people have to take up second jobs in order to have any money left over. I know I shouldn't complain because there are plenty of people getting laid off and fired left and right, but how is anyone supposed to make it with these conditions? Not to mention the weather here SUCKS! It was 80 degrees and humid yesterday and they are calling for snow in the next few days..there is snow still on the ground from a snow storm we had last week..Can anyone tell me what the best area would be to move to in terms of cost of living/wages ratio? With decent weather?

    Don,t forget that the lowest cost of living is also the lowest pay. Places like Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama are about the cheapest but remember that every rose has it,s thorn. These states are all in tornado ally and hurricane alley as well as hot humid summers with more insects than you can handle. I been there done that and I believe I would stay with the job you have and drive a little farther to work. I know of Susquehanna Depot in New Cumberland is a good job in this economy and even if you have to commute from Marysville or Harrisburg. I made a mistake and thought the grass looked greener. It wasn,t.

    Oh, if basically..... it incredibly is in lots of circumstances a commerce-off. everywhere it incredibly is captivating, exciting, interesting, no longer too bloody chilly or warm, with bigger salaries, could have costly housing and costs of residing. everywhere will a less costly value of residing will little question have decrease salaries. it form of feels to be a commerce-off like this everywhere in the U. S..

Calculate net income under cash and accrual basis of accounting?

  • Marcellus Sporer
    Marcellus Sporer
    The work on business that during august ' 10 as far as follows: 1) been supplied $200 job , hong kong people 2) were presented $800 money in users in the in order to $500 's about services to the the month the year 2010 . $300 it referred to services offered in 4 july 2010. 3) afford to pay the care draft text of $100. be preserved next month september 2010 the list of $200 ... without has been granted yet. oh , what new companies a's net profits in july this year at all an expense and has methods of accounting? thank you very much!
  • Kirk Wintheiser
    Kirk Wintheiser
    - how do you know you here please copy 's correctly? may i ask why been given $500 for services rendered in a father (per #2) when the trailer only $200 for access (per #1).