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    Hello, my name is Simon and I work for a sub-department of the Department of Homeland Security. If you want a lot of cash, the two best fields to go into right now are Medicine and Finance. The Baby Boomer generation is getting older, and hospitals are either expanding or popping up everywhere in metropolitan areas. I myself live in Dallas / Fort Worth in Texas, and Arlington Memorial, Harris Methodist, and the Medical Center of Arlington have all expanded brand new wings and sections to their main buildings. Also USMD hospital was built not too long ago, and the government is also building a new Veteran's Affairs hospital in Arlington within the next couple of years. Clinical managers, doctors, nurses, Statesboro Techs and many other jobs have opened up in this field. Clinical managers can make up to $200k ++, nurses make anywhere between $60k and $80k, doctors can make $300k ++ a year. In Finance, you have probably heard that social security has hit some rocky spots and that eventually, it will be unable to support today's youth when we get older. Also, Americans have horrible debt issues. Financial advisors, stock brokers, accountants, and investment bankers make TONS of money. However, their income is very customer-reliant. People dont NEED financial advising, but they do NEED healthcare. Here's 1 more alternate route. Try to get a job within the Federal Government. you get paid sick leave, and paid annual leave. After you work for a couple years, you get 8 hours sick leave and 8 hours annual leave for every 80 hours you work. (just 2 weeks of working and you get 2 days off). The pay is not that bad, and if you calculate all the PAID holidays you get and all the annual and sick leave, you only work 11 months out of the year, and the rest is paid leave. good luck

    I've got a freind who has a Bachelors in Accounting and she temps for $30 an hour. She was working for Fidelity while she was in school but had to quit for extra study time. She was making $50k anually there. Accountants can also free lance for small businesses and non profits to bring in extra cash. Or you can just become a mercanary contractor in iRaq for about $200k anually.

    I agree with you♥ child support is a must have.......and some money...........but gee......millions? Just because Paul is rich shouldn't be a reason for the court to grant her so much money! Now if they were married while he was making the money........that would be different..........but he was a wealthy man when she married him..............and he was vulnerable.............and she took advantage of a lonely aging man........♥

    Contact me I am Willing to Pay $1,000 Per Hr

    Physical Theraphy. Just go for a hour and see how much u get charged.

    Be the person that puts people to sleep when they're getting surgery. Easy enough job, loads of cash.

    I suggest you get your focus OFF money and onto SERVICE which is more rewarding and fulfilling. Money is useful but NOT a place to put your goals. The love of money is the root of all evil. (Read that again - the LOVE of money . . .)

    I don't know what is right for you only you can decide that, but it should be something you enjoy doing.

    Medical transcription. you can work from home and they either pay by the hour or by the report.

    A nurse or doctor!

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    Rex Hessel
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    Robbie Bailey
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    Braeden Gottlieb
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