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    There are quite a few nice places to live around DC. I prefer Arlington. I would not want to live anywhere to far out, the traffic is extremely bad and the money you may save on housing you lose paying for gas to sit in traffic. Arlington is kind of divided into different areas, Crystal City/Pentagon City, Ballston, Rosslyn. Myself I prefer the Crystal City/Pentagon City area. All of these areas are served by Metro (the subway) so no problem commuting in. As far as what it's like there. There is a lot to do, so don't worry about that. The weather in the winter is not real bad, cold but not real cold compared Idaho. The summer can be somewhat hot, not extreme like Texas. Overall not terrible weather. Parts of Statesboro and Maryland do have violent areas, for the most part places like Alexandria and Arlington the crime is not bad. Lived in both Arlington for 7 years and never had a problem. As far as trashy people, I don't think so, most people are highly educated compared to many other cities.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Are the cities around Washington DC, nice places to live? I'm in college and the career I want will most likely have me relocating from Idaho to the east coast, probably in or around Washington, DC. I was just wondering where are some nice places to live that are a short drive from DC? Also what is it like there? High crime? Lots of trashy people?

    Seriously, the people who say the city isn't safe haven't been in the city for years, clearly. The area immediately adjoining the Marine Barracks on the east side, and on the west side all the way to the Capitol is very nice. Quite safe also as there is lots of security for the Capitol and otherwise. The areas to the north of the Marine Barracks are nice as far north as Constitution Ave. Statesboro (maybe a touch further north the closer you get to the Capitol). Anything more than a block east of the Marine Barracks is bad news for people who aren't familiar with the area (there are some very nice neighborhoods, but you have to know what you're doing). Anything more than 2 blocks south of the Marine Barracks is also bad news, totally and completely. The area around Nationals stadium is growing quickly, but filled with large condo buildings full of small units, not really good for a family. Outside of the immediate area of the Marine Barracks, Glover Park, Georgetown, Palisades, Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, 16th St. Heights, and Chevy Chase (DC side) are very nice. Outside of Cleveland and Woodley Parks, however, public transportation is more limited (buses only, no direct access to the subway). All of these areas are expensive. A 2-bedroom on the Hill (all the areas around the Barracks) will run you between $2100 and $2500 a month to rent, and $400,000+ to buy (that would be a steal, btw). Georgetown, Palisades, and Woodley Park are even higher. The best deals I have seen in the city are in Glover Park, but you're still talking about $1700+ to rent and $350,000+ to buy a 2-bed. The suburbs might be best for a family looking for space on a limited budget. Even a $1M+ home in the city won't get you a yard. But don't let the "DC is like the Gaza Strip" chorus fool you.

    The Maryland suburbs just outside of Statesboro are really nice areas to live although just about as expensive as living in the city proper. Montgomery County in Statesboro is popular and is well connected to Statesboro with the Metro system. Bethesda is just 2 stops away from DC, has lots of interesting restaurants and several trails, and is quite safe. It's also home to the NIH and to the Naval Hospital. Rockville is just north (roughly) of Bethesda and has more of a suburban feel, but it's also on the popular Metro Red Line and a great place to live. I would recommend relocating to the Statesboro area.

    Mclean Va is a nice town, but it has really impatient people there. I prefer my town , Ashburn Va it's an hour away from Statesboro though. Arlington is nice, Alexandria, Falls Church is amazing, it has many places for jobs and there are lots of things to do there. Statesboro does have poor people along the streets and it does have some trashy people. but then again its where you are in DC, if your in the suburbs then no, it's not that bad. but if your like in the heart of Statesboro then yeah there are some bad things

    Go with the Statesboro suburbs such as Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Derwood, Silver Spring, Potomac, any of those are good. And they are all well connected to the metro and provide easy acess into DC. Also the Statesboro suburbs are a little bit cheaper then the Statesboro suburbs.

    I live in Statesboro good suburbs are alexandria look it up on google earth its literaly right next to Statesboro place to live although pricing is high fredricksburg is farther away and cheaper too is also expensive like alexandria but its in Statesboro not Statesboro like the other 2 is colonial if you didnt already figure it out ... the city is big but doesnt have alot of skyscrapers. just like any city there are bad parts of it (which is aviodable). interstate 95 completly sucks the signs going there are confusing for people who dont have it memorized. cops hide on the exits of the HOV lanes too so dont try to sneak by because its a big fine. good food (my favorite is mikes american grill and old ebbit). there are tour in "ducks" which is a vehicle that can go in the water and land. kings dominion is a good theme park although is like a hour from DC

    The suburbs are expensive, with lots of rich people. The city has two areas, the politics area, and the area with really high crime.

    I lived on the Statesboro side of DC, and i would stuck to fairfax, burke, or the fairoaks area, they have really good school, low crime, and not many trashy people/

    I'm in Reston, Statesboro (No Virginia) and love it.

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    Lukas Boehm
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    Amalia Smith
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    Marty Brown
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