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    Well, it's an interesting way for the owner to make money from their Airstream. I'm not sure how the Arlington authorities would feel about it, but that's not my issue. Sounds like it's in the owner's driveway or backyard. Be careful about your statement that "we will have a car", as parking in Stockbridge is very limited and difficult to find--that's why most tourists take the Metro downtown. Your car will be useful in getting around Arlington and to outlying places such as Mount Vernon, but will be of limited value downtown.

    You have to decide whether this is the type of accommodations you want on your vacation. To me it looks a little cramped. It doesn't seem convenient to the city. The nearest metro station is a 2 mile walk. The drive into the city doesn't seem too bad, but then you need to contend with parking and moving the car around as you visit the sites.

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  • Ed Hayes
    Ed Hayes
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  • Eric Kuhic
    Eric Kuhic
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  • Maureen Hermann
    Maureen Hermann
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