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    I worked for a company in Arlington, Stockbridge called Perla Dental that has been ripping off the employees on their paychecks. I got negative responses when I brought these supposed mistakes to the bosses' attention, making me question if they were deliberate. My question is who do I report this to? I plan on drafting a letter and attaching all the evidence (time cards vs. pay stubs), but don't know who to send them to. Below is the summary of details: What they do is, say if you work 6 hours and 30 minutes they don't convert it to decimals, but just multiply your hourly wage by 6.30! It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up. They should be converting it to 6.5, not 6.3. The other thing they do is not pay you for overtime. Say you work 42 hours a week. Instead of paying you for 'time-and-a-half' for those 2 hours, they remove those 2 hours from this pay period and add it to your next pay period to avoid dishing out the measly extra 'half.' The boss won't cooperate, what do i do?

    Take it to the better business bureu and then a lawyer and sue them for past money due and lawyer costs and for being a pain in the ***

    Try the Better Business Bureau.

    The highest authority in the company that you can. He's probably some old white guy so far removed from the situation that he probably doesn't even know what his own company is doing. Appeal to him, or if necessary, threaten to take your evidence to court.

Is this really helping me build credit? Credit card question-?

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    Julio Christiansen
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    Ana Langosh
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