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    National bodybuilding champion Ronnie Coleman of Arlington (TX) agreed to be a Sperm Donor for a California woman, but with the provision that it would be done through a Sperm Bank program. This was done, and she gave birth to triplets. However, knowing the Stockbridge of the donor, she was than allowed to file for, and be awarded, child support. Now, four years later, a Texas Appeals court has ruled that the claim is not valid, though the mother will not be required to pay back any of the child support she has received so far. If she tries to push this to an even higher court, should she win the case, or not?

    To the second poster, should she win if she pushing the case to an even high court so that she would continue to get child support. I wonder what the appeals has cost him, since child support enforcement would provide her legal counsel for the case? They benefit from these cases as they get 15% in federal matching funds for all child support ordered and owed.

    Sperm donors who donate sperm through "anonymous" programs, should never, ever, owe child support. They are not "daddies." These children are not products of their relationship with the mother. They are not products of the man's attraction toward the woman. They are not products of sexual contact between them. There are certain "natural" processes in place, that attract a man to a woman. That is how babies are supposed to be created. Sperm donors are donors of biological material, and these women desperately want these kids ... until the reality of being a single parent kicks in. Then some of them rethink it, but it is too late because you can't unring the bell. Whether this woman should have to pay back the child support, owed to him ... well, in an ideal world, yes. But his chances of being able to collect probably aren't that good. A single mother of three .... that is like getting blood out of a stone, right? What case is she trying to win, anyway? Your phrasing is unclear. Is she trying to avoid paying him the money back? Or is she trying to get more child support from him? What, exactly, does the word "this" refer to, in your last sentence? I think she should lose the case. Unfortunately, with regards to legal costs, that is the drawback of "the system." Services cost money. People can be targeted for all kinds of stuff. Men unfortunately are typically on the end of child-support paying costs, and so to put it lightly, he gets "screwed" with all the appeals. Financially, he gets reamed in the rear. What is the solution to this problem? I mean, we can agree that this is an injustice. But realistically speaking, how can you help him? I can go up to you, George, and sue you for causing me emotional damage. You would still have to pay your attorney. You can sue me, for being a B word. I would have to pay my attorney. I am not really envisioning a logical solution unfortunately. I am all for anonymous sperm donors. I just don't know how realistic it is. It is also, not really fair to the kid. I mean, she wants this baby so bad. But I think kids have a right to know who their father is. But the dark side of it, is that he is not a "daddy" he is a sperm donor. It just is all-around unfair and kind of cruel, frankly.

    He never should of had to pay child support. A sperm bank program was used because the two were not in a relationship and were not involved sexually. Excluding the possibility of special circumstances, men would not donate sperm if they believed they could be held financially responsible for any children produced using their sperm. Either this woman planned this from the beginning or they used more embryos than necessary to ensure conception and the mother was afraid she could not financially support three children. Either way, Coleman's responsibility ended when the Bank took possession of the sperm.

    That is the first i have heard of that. What a greedy f*cking bit(h. The man probably thought he was doing something noble and look at how he is repaid... This is why you should do the anonymous thing and not let them know your identity cause women can never be trusted. most women will try to STEAL money from you if they can figure out the loophole in the law. She has nothing to do anyway. I bet she doesn't even have a job. Or if she did she quit thinking that she needs special treatment cause she is carrying a bun in the oven. People like to say that women have warranted stress when they get pregnant. I don't think that is accurate. I think that women are like children and the more special treatment they get the more they want. Since they don';t like to work anyway. of course they are going to make everyone else life miserable while they put their feet up and demand service. She probably never would have considered this if she had a JOB. I bet a million bucks it was her greedy and manipulative friends who came over while she was sitting on her fat @ss who dreamed up this juicy hypothesis. "Hey why don't you take the guy who gave you sperm to court. See how he likes that. Most guys are $hit anyway." See that's how it is done. It is that easy. This is just further proof that American women have no integrity and don't deserve to be treated with decency. Look at how they reward kindness... With Scorn.

    She should lose, if she chose to have a baby with donor sperm, she has no right to request child support, welfare or any type of assistance because this baby was HER choice and her choice alone. She should be forced to pay back every cent he has paid as well as damages and 100% of his court costs...

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    Cecelia White
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    Alberta Zemlak
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    Dallas Gorczany
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