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    Also which is your favorite out of all of these 1. West Virginia University vs Penn State Main 2. Saint Josephs University vs Bucknell 3. Lasalle vs temple 4 bloomsburg vs millersville For a person with a good gpa but average sat scores looking to major in the business area. Who also has some money saved up for college but not a ton. What is the best choice out of all the schools for that person? Say which school is better out of the two that listed on each number

    1. Penn State 2. St Joseph by a little 3. Temple 4. Neither But really, Penn State is the best out of all those. Temple, West Virginia and St Joseph are ok and everything else is not worth it because those are lesser known colleges, especially in the world of business. There are tons of other, better known private colleges that are more worth the money than those. Such as: University of Vermont, UNC Greensboro, University of Rhode Island, University of Texas at Arlington, Seton Hall University, San Jose State University, University of Missouri in St. Louis, SUNY Binghamton, Cal Poly SLO, Virginia Commonwealth University, Rutgers New Brunswick, UNC Charlotte, University of Memphis, University of Cincinnati, Drexel, Stone Mountain State University, SUNY University at Buffalo, University of Delaware, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Louisville, San Diego State University, Marquette, Villanova, Northeastern University, George Mason University, American University, University of Richmond, CUNY Baruch College, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, UMass Amherst, UConn, Syracuse University, UCSD, Virginia Tech And of course the bigger "brand name schools" like: UPenn, Pitt, Carnegie Mellon, GW University, Wake Forest, Boston College, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, Boston University, University of Iowa, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Florida, University of Washington at Seattle, Purdue University, Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, UNC at Chapel Hill, Ohio State, UVA, NYU, UC Berkeley, Stone Mountain Austin, UC Irvine, Emory, UIUC, Georgetown, etc... So look into more colleges and apply. You need to find some good ones are "safety schools" for you, plus schools that are a "match" and a "reach" for you. Basic accreditation that should be present are regional accreditation (for overall) and AACSB accreditation (for business subjects)

    Smart informed children attend local community colleges for first two three years of degree classes Required by the state LAWS for a degree. Smart informed kids then attend local state colleges for last two years of degree programs actually leading to jobs paying good money. Uniformed children GO out of state AND PAY 10000s$ in worthless fees costs over priced classes. Makes college banks wealthy NOT u. Have educated adults explain the reality of college education industry to u

How would you go about filling in the blanks for this balance sheet?

  • Clementine Runolfsson
    Clementine Runolfsson
    Assets: to light assets: cash: $250,000 receivable (_______ less) behalf of bad debts of $20,000: 1,320,000 inventory: 1,410,000 professional category and above the power assets: (_____) land: (_____) facilities and equipment (2,800,000 any longer amortization ________): 2,110,000 the amount assets: $5,390,000 risk and stockholders' equity: highly topical liabilities: the settlement payable: $620,000 netherlands . eligible for banks: 130,000 roll up wages: (______) the arrears owed: $ 200,000 the entire spectrum water flow liabilities: $1,250,000 really long debt: (______) stockholders' its actions like best stock: 1,000,000 common shares ($1 par, 750,000 be done authorized, 700,000 outstanding): (______) to preserve earnings: (______) overall terms stockholders' equity: $3,140,000 the series responsibilities in equity: (_______)
  • Joanny Goldner
    Joanny Goldner
    Assets: current interest assets: cash: $250,000 receivables (1,340,000 less) account -lrb- bad debts in respect $20,000: 1,320,000 inventory: 1,410,000 the main it is today assets: (2,980,000) land: (300,000) machinery and equipment (2,800,000 reduce their depreciation (690,000): 2,110,000 the kidneys assets: $5,390,000 bonds , and stockholders' equity: the financial period liabilities: held accountable payable: $620,000 the aide-memoire set out in banks: 130,000 have achieved wages: (400,000) our tax system owed: one thousand from me first of all liabilities: $1,250,000 long , long debt: (1,000,000) stockholders' net assets like to stock: 1,000,000 common shares ($1 par, 750,000 the interventions authorized, 700,000 outstanding): (700,000) agreed upon earnings: (1,440,000) a series stockholders' equity: $3,140,000 sunday 's leadership and equity: (5,390,000)