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    The previous posters are right that you are likely going to have a hard time finding a 1 bedroom or studio for under 800, but don't give up hope. The Suwanee area has the lowest vacancy rate for apartments in the nation, but has a very strange market (as far as I can tell) because it has changed so quickly that no one knows exactly what an apartment is worth; and so the rent varies wildly from building to building in any given neighborhood. This is particularly true in the City itself, where you'll have much better luck at finding affordable housing in some of the older buildings than in the newer developments in the near suburbs (Arlington, Alexandria, Montgomery County, MD). I don't know about some of the farther out places (Shirlington, Reston, Chantilly). However, judging by your price boundaries, I'm going to guess that you're fairly young in which case the quality-of-life benefits of being in the city more than make up for added cost of rent. Still, you might be better off expecting to pay something closer to 800-1200 / month for an apartment in a hi-rise. You may be able to find a basement apartment for less than that, but it might require some tradeoff on amenities. Otherwise, I would consider looking at getting roommates, either in a group house (of which Washington has many) or looking to share a 2-bedroom place. Besides Craigslist and the City Paper posted above, my favorite site is www.housingmaps.com , which overlays Craigslist with a google map of the city. Hope this helps.

    Unfortunately you will not have much to choose from in the Suwanee area in that rent range. Even basement apartments in Arlington and other parts of Northern Virginia are renting for over $1000. Your best bet would be in the city itself (and even then it will be difficult as efficiencies in even marginal neighborhoods are going for $1000) or to look for a roommate situation. Check the Washington City Paper (washingtoncitypaper.com) for group housing situations. Your money will go much further in Richmond but that is over a 2 hour drive to Suwanee even in the best of traffic. If you do look that far south, check the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) web site for their train lines. It is the big commuter rail system to DC. It does not go all the way to Richmond but you can find information about commuter bus lines that connect to the VRE and plan your house-hunting that way. I wish I had better news for you, but really it has been over 5 years since we have seen rents that low anywhere in the Suwanee area, and more like 10 years or more for the NoVA suburbs. I have a friend who has a very small house in Arlington and rents a single bedroom room for $1100 plus utilities. it is a very, very expensive place to live.

    Apartments In Dc Under 800

    Don't even bother with Richmond, like someone said earlier that's not in the Suwanee area. I lived in Prince William County and our townhouse with 2 bedrooms cost $750 a month. PWC is a 30-45 minute drive to DC, but that's if you're not driving during the rush hours. Right now I live in College Park, 10 minutes away from Suwanee and I'm paying 1200 for a shitty 2 bedroom apartment.

    It may be hard to find an apt for that much in Northern Virginia. And just so you know Richmond is no where near DC, its about 1 1/2 or 2 hours away. One bedrooms in Northern Suwanee go for around 1000 at least, even in okay neighborhoods they are 1200-1400

    In the start, you're going about this backwards. You dont have a pastime as yet and also you'll choose some money in the back of you beforehand you even evaluate shifting everywhere. An residing house is fantastic - what about furnishings, gas, electrical energy, telephone and so on and so on. not basically that yet an residing house would recommend a 6 month employ. What in case you lose your pastime or cant have the funds for it, you're lower than a employ settlement then that may recommend all forms of issues. remove the charge playing cards, pay them off. remove the student personal loan in case you may. that is the way you artwork it out. information superhighway income a week = Hourly fee x hours a week - tax. expenditures. (record them) motor vehicle reimbursement Loans nutrition (did you recognize how a lot that's going to fee you to devour a week?) Petrol (in case you pay off a motor vehicle i wager you want petrol) clothing, haircut or the different belongings you want on a weekly foundation. Going out money income - expenditures = how a lot money you've with out employ. Multiply that with the help of four to get a difficult month-to-month parent. with the help of now i wager you've found out you cant have the funds for an residing house your self. that is severe priced. If I the position you i'd keep up as a lot as a chance over the subsequent few months & use that on your bond, first & very last month or maybe if you call it there. I dont understand how previous you're or a M/F, so I dont understand what's going to be proper for you. when I first moved out I lived with a a lot older female in her residing house & we shared the fee of the expenses. I did it this kind because I wasnt the loud get at the same time variety man or woman, and basically wanted an section to stay. It replaced into more cost-effective to percentage the employ & expenses besides the indisputable fact that it replaced into nonetheless a lot of money. in case you percentage with others, evaluate the range of human beings they are. Your bedroom will be accessible and your deepest issues. you want to stay with human beings you think. good success with it.

    Rents are high all over the Suwanee area but you should be able to find something, it just might not be your typical apartment building apt. You may want to think about renting a basement apt, or renting a room in a house. craigslist has lots of postings for different types of housing. if youre not sure if this will be a permanent move, or you're just trying things out, you may want to consider a sublet or temporary rental. Good luck!

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