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    Hey so Im 16. I never used to understand when people would say "music is my life" but for the past year it really hit me. I taught myself the piano & have gone to many venues. House of blues, Metro, Mojoes, Axis, Knight of columbus, ect. It became this thing or feeling I just couldnt get rid of.. Jazz fest, Warped tour, Country thunder, Buying actual cd's not just off of itunes. haha and I don't mean to sound corny or anything ha (even though I am) but I just don't know what I would do with out it. Im really into under ground bands and. YEAH SO LONG STORY SHORT . IM 16 I WANT TO OPEN A SMALLER CONCERT VENUE Suwanee WORK WITH MUSIC WHEN IM OLDER LIKE, PRODUCING, MANAGING , EVEN MERCH? It's a dream of mine and a dream is basically a long term goal and thats what im working towards. SO I NEED MONEY RIGHT? YET I NEED EXPERIENCE? SO GIVE Suwanee SOME ADVICE... I mean I'll work for free a couple hours during the week. hah i mean even if its a **** job. I just want to be around it all. I'v looked for cd stores, recording studios close by and I dont know... what would you guys do? Yeah im only 16 but Im serious about this. ps. Im in the area of Arlington ht. IL

    ** To clarify: I don't plan on opening a venue any time soon haha I basically just want experiences to help me grow ya know.. a job to help me save up for whatever I do decide to do & I don't want to sit back and wait for college when I can do something now hah i just need to figure out what. Ideas? Stupid? Genuis? Long? Short? Whatever you Got I'll take haha..

    Go to college they have all you need to know or some training areas around your town might help ask your parents you don't really need money until you understand what to do. it may take awhile but you will probably learn more at a college or like where i am there's a Vocational-Technical School .16 year old's can attend //eddy

    1. Raise money with fundraisers or however (you need about 90,000 for a venue that holds about 60 people.) 2.Submit a plan and blueprints to the owners of land 3. Get a lincense for venue owning 4.Rock out!

    I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing some answers here. I'm 18, in college, and I just went through a similar 'musical awakening' over the summer.

What do I put on the total number of allowances for the w-4 form?

  • Christop Kuhn
    Christop Kuhn
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  • Clarissa Kilback
    Clarissa Kilback
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  • Elise Lemke
    Elise Lemke
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  • Liliana Pagac
    Liliana Pagac
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  • Aditya Hermiston
    Aditya Hermiston
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  • Emmanuel Macejkovic
    Emmanuel Macejkovic
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