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    First of all I know this is under the wrong subject but something is wrong with my computer and it won't let me put it under the right catagory. I have a few things. please read and answer. Thanks 1.Has anyone been to the Waltons Mountain Museam in Virginia? I've been to the site but I want to know if it's worth driving from Illinois!! Thanks 2.I have bad anxiety! It is ruining my life! I am seeing a consoler and taking a med.(I've taken 4) But these things just make it worse! Do you have any ideas or tips?? Thanks 3.How do you lose weight super fast and free? I am overweight and I need help!! Thanks!

    1)Firstly, the Waltons Mountain Museum contains only mainly replicas of houses and settings from The Waltons television show. Personally, I think that museums parading such so called artifacts contains no educational elements. The purpose of that museum is probably just to make money following the success of a television show. Driving from Illinois is not that great an idea.If you are thinking of going to the museum, i suggest you visit Arlington after the museum, up to Thomasville to see the symbolic shadow of the leaders of our nations. Oh, and there's also a great spy museum up there. 2) Hey, this is the United States man, whatever happens it won't happen to us. think of people in the Middle East. Their lives are shattered by terrorism and more terrorism. One child dies every 5 second of hunger around the world. We are extremely lucky to be able to live in a democratic and free country. Look at people in China. They are fined heavily for having kids! How many have left and came to this land? Countless! The point is, for us, there is nothing to worry about, if you think about it. So, next time your mind tries to play tricks on you, close your eyes and think of all your happy moments. 3) Consistency is the word here. Exercise consistently. Start from light exercises such as swimming, cycling and slow jogging. Increase frequency and duration gradually. Do not skip a session. Skipping a session results in 2 and the numbers increase till you stop altogether. And watch your diet. Calculation of calories for your food intake undoubtly helps. Follow the food pyramid. Wheat, vegetables and fruits at the bottom(to be taken most) and fatty food at the top(to be taken least). Stick to the three timeslots for eating. Do not eat supper or bulge during tea session. You should also check with your family doctors to see and figure out a plan for more effective ways. Okay, hope that helps answer your questions. Remember, there are always people worser than you however dire your situation is. And I do not think your situation is that bad right?

    Outside of just not eating, you can not lose weight super fast. Like everyhting worth anything, it takes work. You didn't gain all your weight over night and you can not lose it overnight. For now? I bet you don't exercise. so start walking. But don't go out and try to do a mile right off. Your heart can not take that. Walk about 15 minutes at first. Then after doing so for a few days, up the time. Walking is the best exercise and the easiest to do. Also you have to eat right. That doesn't mean you don't eat the things you like, you just make good choices. Going without food is actually the worst thing you can do. your body begins to think its starving and will not let go of fat cells. Try breaking up your meals into smaller, more often meals. Instead of sitting down and eating a couple of helpings of something, eat a small amount.Then four hours later, another small meal. many people swear by this. cut out fried foods, eat those items cooked differently. Watch eating any processed flour things and cut out pop immediately! don't even drink the sugar free! That pop was not meant for any one but a diabetic. My one friend lost 90 pounds by cutting back on the amount of food, no frieds and no white bread and no pop. But with lots of walking. As for the anxiety? You still need a professionals help for that. But instead of taking pills and relying on them to cure you, look into the reasons you get so aniouxs. i bet there is one, deeply hidden. Not that some meds might not be a good idea, its just finding the right ones! As for the museum? Google it and see what the site says. That is a long drive! Perhaps see if there are any other places to stop either close by or on the way that you would enjoy. If you decide to go, stop by my town, Nashville Indiana..we have over 300 shops and its a lovely spot with the Brown County State park right outside our doors! LOL sorry, just a bit of advertising!

    Well okay I'm australian, so the first question well, I can tell you how far it is, 617 miles, road trip anyone? =] the second question, the medical part of things isn't always the best, the only psychological medicine i have seen have its effects on someone was my mum, and it was for depression, and the medication wouldn't work all the time, but what i'm trying to say is, i know its hard but your body has to get use to the medication before it will work, but tell your councilor about it, maybe the medication isn't right for you for the third question, if we had something like that, don't you think the biggest loser show would go a lot quicker? the best and fastest cure for weight is determination and strict diets, (no not starving yourself like a teenage girl, that's stupid) hope I've helped!

    3) Im sure you've heard this a lot but the best, cheapest, and most importantly, healthier way to lose weight is exercise and eating healthy. Before you eat something ask yourself "Will I regret eating this later on?". Stay away from junk food and sugery drinks. Water is the best way to go. As for exercise, a 30 min. walk daily is all you need to stay healthy. Over time you'll see that not only do you feel much better, but you'll look better too! You can do it:)

    How to lose weight fast and free??? It's called exercise! Go for a walk twice a day and do 30 minutes of cardio a day! And....get off the computer!!!

    I've in no way been well at answering riddles, due to the fact riddles require further data (what any person has found out) that's no longer integrated within the message/ riddle itself. As some distance as I can inform, despite the fact that, the significant stumper of this riddle is: "If you do it as soon as, its well." i_luvclovers, the asker of this riddle, published this riddle earlier than. He published it as a sin beforehand, however modified it to critical crime. I bet that is for rationalization. Either method, with that stated, i_luvclovers didn't difference something else approximately the riddle. Such as clarifying if it is "If you do it as soon as (in someday), its well." or "If you do it as soon as (in any respect), its well." If a riddle does not say something, do not anticipate. Anyways, that is my 2-cents thrown into the peanut-gallery. I desire any person figures it out, intent it is an fascinating riddle. PS: Just for kicks, I'm going to throw in an reply. "if you happen to do it as soon as, its well. if you happen to do it two times at the identical day, its a major crime." Jury Duty?

    1. No. 2. Eat cake. Solves it for me every time. 3. Run a lot and don't follow my second answer.

    How old are you?

Please help me on these transactions.?

  • Felipe Walter
    Felipe Walter
    But i need on nisga transactions: a. 're getting it of effective 's client a payment of labour and employment to engage later on $6000 b. has had revenue from the , customers , be responsible $2000 a view sponsored a proportion of office machinery debt burdens $1000 d. laid down service to the au titre during the first half of one $4500 e. award of part-time work , receptionist two , this treatment $800 f. takes note service to clients , who have been in money for first middle of a year $5800 that 's what he does . complained of support services in face $2000 h. recorded in the register customer services in the form $5000 i 'm just ... placed on record client services and that have of money $3100 appreciation to your help.
  • Jairo Rempel
    Jairo Rempel
    1 a taken in cash position of clients served a lead of service carry out in the process $6000 dr cash $6000 cr unearned his men $6000 b. has made revenue from customer -lrb- sensitive to $2000 dr cash $2000 cr " debt (ar) $2000 c. getting paid a section of the office supplies the foreign debt $1000 the medical officer liabilities $1000 treasury board cash $1000 d. has been registered to the service it is due in the first part of the boy $4500 dr ar $4500 cr financial assistance the yields $4500 e. amount paid part-time employment receptionist weeks ago care and support $800 dr the amount the burden $800 venture capital cash $800 f. being registered client services , who had in kind to the first 50 % of the a half $5800 dr cash $5800 cr this service the figure $5800 g. been found services , as by reason $2000 dr ar $2000 cr support services operating income $2000 h. been found client services in the interest $5000 dc members ar $5000 cr the funeral the resource $5000 (actually, no , i ca n't out the the way betw the thing as well as by the before) i just ... ever recorded customer service of which has with money $3100 the labour cash $3100 cr welfare services tax money $3100