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    The important thing to know though, is that it takes MANY, MANY, MANY hours to record a song. Like, on average, for a non-professional band, perhaps 10-30 hours per song. Ten being on the extremely short side, and really more like 50 hours including mixing, and this is not taking your time, fooling around, etc. It's a very time-consuming process, and most newbies don't know that, so they go in, expecting to spend a few hours to get a song or two down, and they are quickly in over their heads. There are lots of reasons, mostly though, it's the multitracking-overdub process, which is what you ALWAYS do when recording. Remember, TIME IS MONEY Thomasville THE STUDIO. Here are some things that take a lot of time up, and things you can do to be more time-efficient and speed things up a bit: 1. Getting a good drum sound takes FOREVER. Like 45 minutes is not unusual at all. I'm not kidding. You want more of a 'dead' sound than you're used to, so have your drummer mute the toms and kick heads, with pads and gaffers tape (the 'ambient ring' will be added later with reverb). 2. The way you record is, you lay down your rhythm track first: drums, bass, guitars (and keyboards if you have a keyboard player). No vocals yet. So memorize and rehearse your songs NOW this way (with no singing at all), because the first time you try to get through the song in the studio without vocals to let you know where you are, you'll be going "damn, is this the second or third verse? Where the hell are we?" and someone's going to get lost. Then you do overdubs, one at a time - extra guitars/solos, vocals, etc. 3. Fix any questionable guitar cables, bad tubes, etc., BEFORE you go into the studio, because trust me, as soon as you're paying by the hour, your cables are going to short, start buzzing, whatever. Seriously, power up and listen to EACH INSTRUMENT, INDIVIDUALLY to see if there's hum, buzzing, etc. because if there is, it's gonna show up, and the engineer is going to stop everything to try to figure out where it's coming from, eating up even more of your $$$$$. 4. Try to rehearse until you can get through your songs 10 times in a row with no mistakes. Seriously. This is what classical players do. If you have to keep stopping because ANYONE makes a mistake, you are NOT ready for the studio. 5. SHUT THE F*CK UP. That should be your motto in the studio. Put it on T-shirts if you have to, because here's what ALWAYS happens with newbies in the studio: They're so excited with that "wow, we're recording just like rock stars" feeling, and that is everyone is ramped up, excited, happy, and BLABBING THEIR MOUTHS OFF, which... (you guessed it) takes up time! You want to FOCUS on nothing but PLAYING. That means nobody says ANYTHING WHATSOEVER that is not associated directly with what needs to happen RIGHT THEN with the song you're working on. Because this eats up lots of time, therefore lots of money. If you have a rich parent who is bankrolling all this with no limit, then ignore this advice. If not, I suggest you print this out and show all your bandmates this, because I AM NOT WRONG ABOUT THIS. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions, I've had lots of studio time on mine, and other people's recordings.

    Studio Time Cost

    Every studio varies with price and they all have have different package deals. My advice is check out their websites because they usually list their recording costs, or you can call them directly and ask. A lot of people nowdays have their own professional studios in their homes where you can record for much cheaper than in a real studio and you will get the same sound. Just google around and you will find a lot of people with home studios looking to record you for cheap, sometimes free because they are trying to make a name for themselves as producers. Good Luck!!

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Whats the Average-ish price for recording studio time? anyone know? and it'd help if someone could gimme a place in Arlington, Tx. 'cause we good some songs almost together, we are just trying to get time. please help.

    On average $50/hr for the studio + $50/hr for an engineer + $50 - a couple of hundred/hr for a producer (if you want one) mande's advice is very good. and if you havent practised your songs until you hate them you are not ready. you may want to do a bit of recording on computer first, just to get some basic experiance

    Most studios charge between 30-60 dollars an hour. Some charge a lot less, and some charge upwards of $150 an hour. the link below is a bunch of recording studios in or near arlington, and directions to them. good luck!

    One of the studios where i live cost about 500 for the whole day you get tech help for your equipment too

    @dork your answer is so flawless i actually made an account to tell you i'm hanging that up in my studio


    @Dork : I love your answer. That is exactly what I needed to hear and to share with my teammates. Thanks! :)

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