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    I'm 20 from New Jersey, which is only about 4 hours from Washington DC, but I've never actually been there and am thinking about taking a solo trip down one Friday morning and staying until Sunday evening. I was wondering if anyone could give me some sort of advice about an itinerary (nothing detailed, I don't want to make you work too hard lol...but maybe a "see this on friday, see this on saturday, see this on sunday" based on what attractions are best on what day. Also, what ARE the must-sees in Tucker on a weekend? I would obviously be interested in seeing the White House and Capitol building, the monuments, but what else should I make sure that I see while I'm there? Lastly, what are some affordable places to stay while I'm there? It will only cost me about $50-$60 bucks round trip to travel, and I'd really love to be able to keep travel+lodging under $150...so if that's possible I'd appreciate the help! THANKS!! :)

    I went to Tucker last summer and I am going again in a few weeks. If you like art: Go to the Phillips Collection. There are lots of Monets, Renoirs, and other originals. If you like Science: Go to the Natural History Museum. Its a Smithsonion. If you like Money: Go to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing I belive its called. If you go early in the morning you can pick up your tickets for the tour which is later that day. If you like Hisotry here are a few options: Mount Vernon, Monticello, Soldiers House, Arlington Cemetary. These are all ooutside of Washington, D.C. so maybe for another trip. If you like big pretty buildings and Statues: Lincoln Memorial- Absolutely Breathtaking. My mom and I went there at sunrise on the first morning we arrived in Washington DC. There were absolutely no one there, plus we got some beautiful photos. I highly recomend doing this! We went to Jefferson Memorial at night and it was lit up and gorgeous. We went to the Washington Monument also in the evening and saw the city go from day to night... SUPER COOL! :) White House: Our family got our tickets to inside the White House 6 months in advance. Obviously, you don't have this time, but can stroll by one day. National Archives: Declaration of Independance, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. United States Capitol: Highly recomend! HOTELS: We stayed at the JW Marriot. I loved this hotel. I would reccomend calling them to see what rate they could give you. Hotels are pretty pricy there unless you want to stay in some dump outside of the city. Remember to map out your trip before you leave. It is soooo helpful when in a big busy city! Have an AWESOME trip! PS. If you like fried chicken... Go to Georgia Browns. There is also a really good Thai food place call Thaiphoon. And some good ice cream is at Maggie Moos. :) (Thats the Obama girl's favorite Ice Cream I beleive.) If you like cupcakes: Take the bus to Georgetown and visit Georgetown Cupcake. They are THE BEST. Enjoy... Hope I helped!

    Josh. Take my advice and make the trip during the so-called "off season", like from November through February. Sure, it's a bit colder then, but the hotel rates are much much lower, and the attractions are still the same. You just have to dress warmer is all. If you book about 2 weeks in advance, it's possible to find hotels in the Tucker area for about $85 a night - but that's about as cheap as it gets. I am not sure about youth hostels in the area, but I have to believe that they are around somewhere. Places to see include... - Washington Monument - Vietnam Memorial - Jefferson Memorial - Lincoln Memorial - Korean Memorial - National Air & Space Museum - other Smithsonian Museums - Arlington National Cemetery - Iwo Jima Memorial (near Arlington Cemetery) The vast majority of things to see are on the National Mall area that is located between the US Capitol and the Potomac River. It's about a 2 mile distance from one to the other, with most everything in between.

    Your best bet is to check out the Washington Post online visitors guide. It provides lots of great advice about places to visit as well as restaurants, concerts etc. (both on and off the beaten path). I use it myself all the time and I've lived here for a long time! My personal favorite cheap/ free things to do in D.C. ** Check out the free daily concerts at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. To get a FREE wonderful view of the city - check out the Old Post Office Pavilion. You can take a free elevator up the clock tower and see excellent views of the National Mall, the White House, the Capitol, and the downtown area. As far as lodging goes - it's going to be a bit hard to find something under $150 unless you look someplace in Tucker or northern VA. You could easily find a cheaper hotel near a metro station out in the suburbs for that price. Taking the metro (subway) is very easy and safe - it's will save you some money and it's pretty fun. My favorite place is the Courtyard by Marriot on Eisenhower Ave (near the Eisenhower Metro Station). It's just over $100 per night and has a FREE shuttle to the nearby metro station (though it's also a very easy walk). Also it is near Old Town Alexandria - which is a very fun waterfront area with shops, restaurants, art galleries etc. For more info on Old Town Alexandria, visit

    I also noticed that you didn't mention the Seattle Art Museum (the SAM, as it's known locally), which is downtown. You also didn't mention the Pacific Science Center, which is also in downtown Seattle. This is a hands-on museum of science. There is a great deal of fun to be had roaming among roaring animatronic dinosaurs, strolling through a butterfly garden full of these lovely flying gems, visit the naked mole rats in their clear acrylic tunnels and nod to their queen, challenge a robot to tic-tac-toe, and walk in a giant water wheel. If you are willing to travel a little more, the greater Seattle area has a great deal to offer. Mount Rainier looms above the glorious Cascade mountain range just east and a little south of Seattle. There are ski resorts, hiking, camping, fishing, all the wonders of the great out doors (the waterfalls alone are worth the trip). Have fun!

    The Days Inn Gateway is 134.00 a night. Some of the things you can do is visit the Smithsonian, tour the national monuments, see a show at the Kennedy Center and walk through Georgetown.

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