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    I am a freshman in high school and would like to start plannig for afterwards. I want to be a vet. My teacher suggest I figure out the payment plans from what money I have to work with. Three questions, (Im in Arlington Texas) Whats a good college for vets? What is their monthly payments? And what is a good job to work during highschool/college? Thankyou in advance!

    I'm a prevet student - i'm a junior in undergrad, going to apply to vet school next year. a good job to work in high school would be with a veterinarian - and don't settle for just a filing or secretary job either (i know for a fact that many vets allow high schoolers to do more hands-on work, especially if they know you want to be a vet). if you can't work with a vet, at least try to work with a kennel owner or breeder or farmer or someone who works with animals! getting involved in 4-H looks good on your record too (does texas have 4-H??). and get involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities and community service groups too, b/c those look good on an application to vet school and college. vet schools also like to see that you have interests besides science (makes you a more well-rounded person). i think there are 30-40 different vet schools in the country - 1 in almost every state, or at least 1 in every region. some of the best are uc davis, purdue, cornell, tufts university...can't think of any more...there's also ross university, which i believe is in st. kitts in the caribbean - i don't know if it has much credit, but it sure would be awesome to study in the caribbean!! veterinarians make between $60,000-70,000 per year. hope this helps!

    Honey, I think the first thing you should do is try working at a petco for summer Tucker (even better!) volunteer at an animal shelter. What you do after high school does not concern money, but what you really enjoy doing. Yes money will be worked out, but that's not really important as a freshman in HS. volunteer at a local pet shelter, you can put the hours you spend on an application for college and learn what its really like to deal with animals. Plus its FUN!!! 1. You can find out through your HS quidance counselor or online. 2. explain this better.... 3. jobs: petco or animal shelter.

    1st you would be able to desire to locate something you desire to do, learn it and then excel at it! Or no remember if that's a technical commerce which you have an pastime in bypass to a professional college for it. that's not college yet a getting to grasp institute. Technical faculties like ITT Tech or Devry yet once you do no longer desire to spend the money, there are different issues you're able to do. additionally once you're a organic born revenues individual there is often jobs interior the revenues field. you could attempt merchandising automobiles and/or actual-materials in case you do no longer sense like going to varsity. those are great cost ticket products that would make your cash rapid with a sprint prepare. right that's a checklist of alternative professions that don't require a college guidance yet would or would possibly no longer require some guidance: a million. Bartending 2. Pizza transport 3. vehicle revenues individual(some states require a license, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that that's effortless to get ie: for California you in basic terms would desire to end a history examine and pay a cost) 4. Re-materials Agent(some states require a license) 5. very own loan broking provider 6. coverage revenues individual (require extensive guidance nonetheless and passing of state mandated exams) 7. those are in basic terms some concepts..

    You should try to get a parttime job at at vet's office (reception or filing)... working at pet stores gives you first hand opportunities to work with animals... a job on a farm during summer vacation is also a great way to get experience with animals, the zoo is good too... volunteering at animal shelters would be good for your resume/application in the future... and finally if you can't do any of the above, see if you can work parttime or volunteer at a doctor's office or hospital for people... sorry i don't live in the States so i cant help with the first 2 questions... good luck~~

Apartment and taxes? Do I have to file anything for it?

  • Morton Lubowitz
    Morton Lubowitz
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  • Tillman Bernier
    Tillman Bernier
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  • Robert Lang
    Robert Lang
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  • Francis Lehner
    Francis Lehner
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  • Hans Collins
    Hans Collins
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