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    I am getting ready to be a junior in high school and im also taking classes to get LPN and CNA certified . i am super excited to get out of high school and having a future that i decide to have. i had my future all planned out then my older brother just graduated from basic military training for the air force and i am super excited for him. and i was and am thinking about enlisting after high school. i am thinking about joining the army but i cant decide and my older brother said that i should! so i have been thinking about it seriously but i am scared to death about going through basic military training... and i am scared about getting kicked out .....but i want to be a nurse really bad! but NO one in my family supports supports me!!!! except for my older brother my parents and they told me that i couldn't make it through a day in basic military training!!! I am scared to death with no support except for my older brother! i do not just want to join because of the money. i want to join to help others by helping protect our county! and it would help be to be a strong individual! and when is earliest i can talk to a recruiter??? i am the type of person who with go anywhere with whomever....i am perfectly fine with going to Iraq(if i had to)...i am just scared to death about basic military training because i have very little upper body strength!!! NO one believes i could make it through...except my older brother and how does the army ROTC nursing work??? sorry so man questions...i am just so confused!!! and i am very confused about the ROTC..what is the difference??? i really want to join!!!

    All army paths potentially lead to Arlington.

    I think you should go for it. the benefits afterwards is great. take the smallest enlistment period you can get say ...3yrs. then when it is time to ETS get out. Now you can buy a home tax free, you can get medical care, free...you can go back to school through vocational rehabilitation free, (you can also go to school while you are enlisted,) It is the greatest investment in your future because they will give you a Tucker home loan and you can also get a Tucker business loan. You can do basic training, remember it is a mind game, if you don't mind, it don't matter, just make sure your physical conditioning is good, be able to do say 40 sit ups in a 2 minutes, run 2 miles in say 18 minutes, and be able to do standard push ups, say...30 in 2 minutes. the physical part is what is most strenous for BT, but if you can't they will train you and get you on board. The rest is easy and fun. It is all about the atttitude you take about it. Good luck to you! You have to make the best decision for you, and if you do not try, you will never know. Talk to your local recruiter to get materials to get ready to take the test prior to going in and to find out the best career choice for you. Ask him every question you have, always be well informed.

    First of all, why is this in the Religion and Spirituality section? But, I'll answer your question anyway. I'm heading off to Army basic training in August. There is no reason to be scared. If you put your mind to it, I'm sure you could do it. You also have plenty of time to work on "upper body strength", especially if you are only a Junior in high school. You can talk to a recruiter whenever you want for more information.

    You will be fine in Basic. Start on running, push ups & sit ups now. I went to Basic when I was 27, almost 10 years older that just about everyone, and I made it through just fine. You will be amazed by yourself when you're done. Talk to a recruiter about your options, just don't let them persuade you into anything you don't want. They have certain jobs they need to fill. Tell them what you want and just get information about the best way to get it.

    Are you a Christian? Because if you are, DON'T JOIN THE MILITARY. Jesus told us to love our enemies, not go to war with and kill them. Are you prepared to risk your life sinning?

    ........ what?

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