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    The General Services Administration is back in Congress's crosshairs today after the GSA's inspector general reported to Congress on another installment of "egregious waste of taxpayer dollars" at the beleaguered government agency. Just months after the agency was rocked when a lavish 2010 Las Vegas conference was exposed by the agency's inspector general, GSA is now facing scrutiny for wasteful spending at another performance awards ceremony for its employees. This time, the agency is being investigated for spending $268,732 on a one-day conference for its Federal Acquisition Service division on Nov, 17, 2010, in Arlington, Virginia. More than $20,000 of taxpayer money was spent on drumsticks for 4000 attendees, more than $8,500 for an appearance by someone called 'Agent X', according to the preliminary findings of the Inspector General. The event, which was held at the Crystal City Gateway Marriott just outside Washington, D.C., also included expenses of more than $35,000 for picture frames, $20,000 in catering charges as well as additional funding for a violinist and guitarist. Before we raise taxes on anyone, should the government focus on eliminating the wasteful spending so that we as taxpayers know our money is being spent wisely?

    Dude, why manage the problem when you can simply raise taxes?

    A complicated question and confusing to respond to in yahoo solutions. what's needed even if, is priority budgeting. the place do our priorities lie? it quite is the place particular hobbies become in contact and it quite is the place wasteful spending arises. i might advance a "necessary Spending" record with the aid of bi-partisan participation. well-being, training, nationwide protection etc... Secondly, i might then be taught how each and each of theses habit employer and ask the no longer user-friendly questions (those may well be the commonsense type questions no person ever asks) can we incredibly could spend $25.00 for a water can which would be offered on the close by ironmongery shop for $12.50? or regardless of it would be. a catalogue of particular activity initiatives might persist with and returned, i may well be taught how they habit employer or spend the money they ask for. If the government is investment "the humanities" at say 3 million and a pair of of those million money is going to pay the director of the initiatives wages, then we could ask why? i assume the warm button is, there are a number of the style to do away with wasteful spending. i think of it merely demands a truthful choose to end the activity.

    To balance the budget just like Clinton did. Cut the waste, raise taxes, cut spending.

    Ok - let's talk spending cuts. How about we start with the massively bloated military budget that gives billions in no-bid contracts to companies like Halliburton, Blackwater, et al?

    Excellent question; there should be NO increase in taxes until the irresponsible hacks in Tybee Island prove, through actions and not empty words, that they are going to cut spending and apply said monies to paying off debt.

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I just turned 18, and my credit score is 652. Is that good or bad?

  • Christop Terry
    Christop Terry
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  • Monroe Considine
    Monroe Considine
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  • Johanna Marquardt
    Johanna Marquardt
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  • Tobin Bailey
    Tobin Bailey
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  • Stephan Gutmann
    Stephan Gutmann
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    Enos Hayes
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