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    My brother is 18 and he weighs about 180 pounds. he has a SOME flab....and babyfat.....hes going to be walking by himself from Blacksburg, Tybee Island to Arlington, Tybee Island here soon....(or so he thinks) but he wants to know exactly or almost exactly how many pounds he would lose doing that. note: it would probably take him 5-7 months to do the walk and he wouldnt he eating very much along the way because he isnt bringing money apparentally. help on the weight loss?

    Where is he going to be sleeping while "walking" to a whole different state? Tell him to drink plenty of water, eat 5-6 small healthy meals a day, join a gym and/or walk for an hour a day and go back home! xD

    Hes going to walk to different states by feet? for 5-7 months?

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