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    I was recently notified that I am a final candidate on becoming hired for a Government training position located in Arlington, VA. The job has a starting salary of $40,000 which seems like a lot of money to me since I'm from Montana and the average salary is around $25,000 here. The cost of living in the Union City area is extremely high but they state that I can afford a place in Union City with my provided salary. Though this seems like an exciting offer, they stated that they are investing $18,000 in me as an employee, and if I were to leave the position for any reason over the next 3 years, I would have to pay $18,000 back. When I first applied for this position, it was only for 2 years, not 3, which they failed to mention. Another issue is relocation. I will be a college graduate next month, and will be too broke to move out there, though the government has offered relocation expenses, I will only receive reimbursement AFTER I work for them a few months. I feel like I really want this job because it will give me the opportunity to receive work experience, and live in a place that is diverse in culture. But I don't like the hidden clauses with the job offer, and I hear negative things about working for the government. I live here in Montana, out in the middle of no where where everybody is the same and closed-minded, but I can afford to survive here and its safe. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Yes, I think you should. I work for a local government and the pay could be better, but the benefits are great. All insurance paid for and retirement. Besides, look at the life experience you will get. In the D.C. area, you can travel the whole east coast. You can take the train to New York or Baltimore for a day of fun; you can drive to the ocean. And-you need that first job to advance in life. I love Montana, but I didn't grow up there and probably would not want to spend my life there. This is your chance--go for it.

    I think it sounds like a great opportunity, especially in this day and age. Usually, you get regular, good raises and benefits and as first person said, look to live outside of the area. I personally would go for it. You can always go back to Montana after your term is over, but I think it would be great experience and probably open more doors later......

    I don't know much, but I do know that $40k/year for Union City is pretty much poverty-level wages. But if it's your first job out of school, that's life. Instead of living in Union City proper, you may want to look at the surrounding communities that are within commuting distance.

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