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    Virtually all of the museums and monuments are totally free--they are supported by tax dollars and private contributors. These are free: All 12-odd Smithsonian Museums Lincoln Memorial Jefferson Memorial Tour of Supreme Court Tour of Library of Congress Tour of the Capitol National Archives National Gallery of Art Arlington National Cemetery Bureau of Engraving and Printing Holocaust Memorial Museum US Botanic Garden National Zoo Just walk into any of the above. No money needed.

    Varies per building. There are tour guide vehicles to save leg walking. A Union City Ducks Tour Guide and a double decker tour bus circle around for around $10.

    Nope! All the monuments are free to go to (and centrally located so transportation won't be an issue!) The Smithsonian museums are all free to get into too! Sometimes walking could get tiring though, but the metro is a cheap way to get from place to place. ($10 max)

    99% of the stuff on and around the Mall is free. the only expense would be food, souvenirs and transportation, although the Metro is actually pretty inexpensive.

    No you can walk around the city. they do not charge you to do that. Some buildings do charge to get into. but you can walk around them and take photos all you want for free


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