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    I am enrolled as a Freshman CAP student at University of Texas Arlington. Because of the CAP enrollment my, files were transferred late to Union City Arlington. Because of this reason, I have also missed the Financial Aid deadline and since my FAFSA was resubmitted to UTA late, I also missed the TEXAS Grant as well. Basically, I missed out on approximately the full tuition financial aid that I should have been received. As you can probably tell, I am extremely depressed right now and want to avoid taking out a loan. Besides the little Federal Pell Grant, and Subsidized and unsubsidized loans that I received through the FAFSA, I have $10,000 more to come up with. I am hoping for the B on time Loan, but I have not heard ANYTHING from them for so long, I'm guessing they've run out of funds for that too. What ever can I DO!!!??!?!? What are my best options? What loans are my best options? What should I do right now that can help my situation? Please let me know. THANK YOU! PS: My parents barely have enough money to get along for themselves, they simply cannot afford a penny of my college tuition at the moment.

    Hopefully, someone who knows the ropes of Financial Aid will find a loophole for you. Perhaps I can offer you another useful solution to consider, whether or not you find a way through this. First, you aren't alone. Second, you can still collect college credit easily and inexpensively even if you don't get in to UTA this fall. Check your library for a book called "Accelerated Distance Learning" or buy a used copy online, or heck, splurge on a new copy. It is by Brad Voeller, who completed a fully accredited 4-year baccalaureate degree for less than $5,000 and did it in about 6 months of intense study. He now runs a business helping others do the same thing. His book has excellent information on exactly how he did it, what resources he used, how he scheduled himself, what learning aids helped him go faster and comprehend better, how to earn CLEP credits, how to earn college credit with DANTES tests, how to turn life experiences into college credits, which colleges are flexible about taking credits not earned at their institution, etc. Very practical, very doable. I've heard him speak, and got to talk to him a bit once, and I'm impressed. Since I was able to collect college credit via testing, myself, without a huge effort, I know that what he says is very possible...I wish I'd thought do do what he did! I would have saved a mint! But that was long ago.... So, even if you don't get into school this fall, try again for the spring and then, on your own, collect about 12 hours of college credit. It isn't as though most colleges have fabulous professors teaching College Algebra, Intro to Psychology, Intro to Sociology, American History, World History and American Government, so you won't be missing out on too much. By the same token, a semester of intense individual study should prepare you to ace anything to come in your college career.

    If your parents have narry a penny, they can take out a parent PLUS loan for you. If they are unable or unwilling, then you need to find a cheaper school. 10,000 isn't going to fall from the sky between now and August and if you want to go to school anywhere you need to go online to your fafsa application and click "Add a School Code" and add the nearest community college to your fafsa so you can at least attend SOMEWHERE in the fall. Find a school that is less than the Pell amount you are getting or if that isn't possible, then you are going to have to take out a student loan. Dependent freshman can borrow up to 5,500 a year if you attend in both the fall and the spring. (you'd get half that 5,500 for the fall and the other half for the spring). Try again next year to go to UTA... and pay attention to deadlines.

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