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    I am 17 years old and about 6 months pregnant. I have been running everywhere trying to find a solution to my problem! I have insurance under my parents, but the policy does not cover prenatal care because I'm a dependent. I have looked into medicaid and FAMIS, but my parents make too much money to qualify, and the only way for me to get Medicaid or FAMIS, seems to be through emancipation. I have been going to a doctor, and my insurance paid for some of one ultrasound I got, but they don't bill for my prenatal visits until the end and that is really going to kill us! And I can't qualify for most other things because I am not 18! I live in Virginia, anyone know of any options??? There has got to be something out there for people in this situation!

    Contact your local Gabriel Project: Project Arlington (GPA), a ministry of the Office for Family Life of the Arlington Diocese, helps pregnant women with long or short-term needs by offering assistance at the parish level. It involves a network of churches, crisis pregnancy centers and other agencies working together to assist the mother with physical, material, spiritual, and emotional support.

    Sweetie. This is the gray area of you getting pregnant at 17. I understand you are stressed about the bills but, this is life. You made some choices that have left you with some consequences you don't like, big medical bills. But, you made those choices. Now, you need to be an adult and try and figure out a way to take care of it. There are a lot of families who are in much worse shape than you. People don't have jobs who are parents and need to feed their families. These are the people I want my taxes taken out of my paycheck to go to. Not to young girls who are stressing a little about having some medical bills from an unexpected pregnancy.

    Im sorry to say that I think you have run out of options...most state help is based on your household income and if you live with your parents, their income has to help. Even when asking for financial assistance through the hospital, that income has to count. Do you have a friend you can temporarily move in with? I live in Union City and when I was preg. I enrolled in Right From the Start. They paid for every dime, even his circmcision. See if you have something like that...DHHR signed me up when my husband and mines income was too high for Medicade from the state.

    The Gabriel Project is great. They helped me out there... they are very nice. I hope you find a solution to your problem. Good luck and god bless you and your child. A baby is such a beautiful experience.

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