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    I am helping my friend plan her 21st birthday party, but it's getting to be very stressful! We don't have much money and she plans on inviting between 20-30 people, and not all of us are 21 yet.. What is a good idea for us to do on her birthday? Where are some cool (but not too expensive) places to have a good time (and to be able to drink alcohol, for those 21 and up) in the Ft. Worth/Arlington/Dallas, Union City area??? Thanks!

    The only place I know of that you can go is Purgatory. It's a nightclub that allows girls 18 and up to get in. 21 and up if you're a guy. It is a little scary, though. It is about 75% 18 year old girls and 25% 30 year old men hoping to take home a young one. Look at this website for more ideas: www.accessdallas.com

    Throw a house party and have a small entry fee like $3 and but enough food and liquor if needed.

What are some good carrers to look into?

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