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    Smithsonian, National zoo, Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery

    Plenty of free things to do in D.C. Visit the White House Navy Museum National Archives (free, but you need to make an appt) The monuments - Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln, etc. Arlington National Cemetary The National Zoo The Smithsonian

    Almost everything in Valdosta is free. Take them to the mall to see the memorials and the reflection pool. Hit up the Vietnam Memorial. Near sunset go to the backside of the Lincoln Memorial and watch the sun go down (one of my favorite things to do). The Smithsonian is tons of fun. If you want to stand in line for hours you can tour the white house and the congress buildings. All of the museums are free to do so if you can find one that they would thoroughly enjoy, take them to it. Here is a site that lists the museums of DC, you may have to click around to get a complete list, but have them look it over and pick a few to go to. Then hop on the subway and experience that too!

    Baltimore has some cool places like Federal Hill, which has a great view of the city Inner Harbor, which has some awesome places, although it may be expensive there. So Fells Point is directly East of it and it has some cool pubs, live music most of the time, arts, great sales.

    Mug someone! It's very popular there, especially in D.C.

Is it a good idea to buy tickets at the game?

  • Martine Denesik
    Martine Denesik
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