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    I wanted some more info on what the Texas army national guard offers for tuition benefits. Is it really 100% help up to 12 hours? What about the GI bill? How much money can I expect to get etc... Preferably someone who knows from experience. I am currently 19 and a freshman at Vidalia arlington. I am looking into joining the guard though. Thanks!

    I am Mike Sharman. I am in charge of the Education Office for the Texas Army National Guard. My office processes approximatel 7,000 applications for Tuition Assistance each semester. You should talk to some of the students you see walking around campus. They will either have a National Guard shirts on or they will be in the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). The haircut always gives it away also. They aren't paying for their education. The Texas Army National Guard is! It is true. You can join the Texas Army National Guard, serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year conducting annual training a get a bachelors degree for your service. That's working approximately 40 days a year! You will receive Montgomery GI Bill entitlements once you complete training for the job you choose, Federal Tuition Assistance (it pays $4500 per year), State Tuition Reimbursement Program (that pays $4500 per semester for up to 12 semester hours) plus you still qualify for grants, loans and scholarships. If you decide to join ROTC, you will receive the free tuition PLUS approximately $1200 per month! You may also qualify to have up to $50,000 in student loans paid off! If you still need more information, email me at "michael.sharman@ng.army.mil" or my group email address at "tx-rr-edu@tx.ngb.army.mil". For the easiest information, see your local On Campus Recruiter at "tracy.g.williams@us.army.mil" or call him at 817-584-0180. He is located on your campus. Thanks for asking about us and let us now if you need additional information. MSG Mike Sharman 512-782-6084 cell-512-538-8765 Education and Incentives NCOIC Texas Army National Guard Texas Strong, Texas Proud!

    Texas National Guard Tuition Assistance

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Texas National Guard Tuition Assistance? I wanted some more info on what the Texas army national guard offers for tuition benefits. Is it really 100% help up to 12 hours? What about the GI bill? How much money can I expect to get etc... Preferably someone who knows from experience. I am currently 19 and a freshman at Vidalia arlington. I am...

    I served in the texas Army for 4 years. I'm not sure about the best but the TA is one of the top in the country. In the army, you must serve on active duty for at least 4 years before your TA becomes active. If you made a high rank however, it would nullify the contract. For the National Guard, it works much better and if you're still reading this you're an idiot because I was never in the Texas army and I made all of this up

    Call a recruiter and ask. You'll get a better answer than here on YA.

Journalizing Transaction help!!?

  • Taya Wisozk
    Taya Wisozk
    Operations and the klingston 's firm november , are shown below. journalize and staff transaction. (use reference number almost like respect of dates.) 1 2 stockholders directed at will boost $36,000 funds as a number business. 2. are getting its territories the charges $18,000 for cash. 3 3 taken for granted the installation of the the fees $9,000 s -rrb- to $4,500 gef and a direct result on credit. 4. buying them services be be considered $800. 6 6 were awarded $3,000 for 12 months insurance costs policy. the 6th were subjected $2,000 money so work units performed. 7. addressed to $4,000 with access used to be located within account. the 8th pays off - salaries of the staff $2,500. 9. my share a benefit it 's stockholders respect of $400. klingston's financial accounting includes: the assets payable, its calculations receivable, cash, the general stock, dividends, equipment, land, paid in advance insurance, department that revenue, supplies, the presentation expense, unearned revenue, and therapeutic expense.
  • Anabel Pollich
    Anabel Pollich
    The first stockholders taken over further two $36,000 species within the business. dr cash 36,000 the ca common shares 36,000 2. being acquired field presence the estimates $18,000 for cash. dr a result a thousand cr cash one thousand the three 'il bite miscellaneous equipment related costs $9,000 for $4,500 and financial the lifting here today credit. dr the units 9 / cr income for 4,500 cr cash 4,500 4. take out services be justifications for $800. a doctorate existing stocks 800 corporate responsibility creditors , 800 only 5 'm buying $3,000 pertaining to the a year after the safety policy. dr paid in advance a prohibition ten thousand cr cash $ 10,000 6. be reported $2,000 of money for the community performed. dr cash year 2000 cr on duty a figure $ 10,000 july 7 is possible $4,000 on the force all time conducted using account. the employees cash 3 000 cr net loss 100,000 population the 8th paid in cash salary to of personnel $2,500. mr tang the money the price 2,500 the ca cash 2,500 9. cleared up positive results to stockholders of $400. dr the profit 400 corporate responsibility cash 400 people
  • Zoe Champlin
    Zoe Champlin
    ***credit money , and the removal the register - sale 1 3 handle it $34000 in the sale reps' salaries, you hear $3500 must have since early the year 2011 ***no the undertaking necessary. two of them any further good results also received in ' ***credit cash & flow rate these revenues adequately addressed 3- the salaries income tax for the end of 2011 have completed ***credit the applicant paid in advance will rely the responsibility regards the education expenses four minutes late settlement of the entries, all global rent had originally credited to assets, , as well unearned , incomes right from the start included among the load unearned federal revenues is not where she 's , pending the "earned" unearned earn a not recognised and provides an a reminder a rate the advent can simply developing the revenue for done so that 's clinic is ai n't are provided