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    There is this horse i want and im probably going to get and she is already Registered. So can you change the Registered name for a horse??. and if you can does it cost money and where do you do it?? and does it have to be the same name as the horse and if it can be changed what should i change it to?? I live in Arlington Vidalia if that helps

    Depends on the registry. AQHA and APHA allow it as long as the horse has never ben shown or raced. 2 years ago it cost $50 I believe, I was considering changing one's name, however it may have gone up. Usually you have to call the registry and they will send you a form to fill out and can tell you any special hoops you have to jump through, for example providing a DNA sample. They would also be able to tell you if that horse could have it's name changed. As long as no other horse has the name you want you can name it just about anything you want.

    Hmmm. Arlington. There are five in Canada, three in the UK, one in South Africa, and about 33 in the US. No, it doesn't help much. Springfield would be worse. Very few places seem to lack a Springfield. Maybe Kazakhstan doesn't have either an Arlington or a Springfield. The horse can be registered in any of several breed registries or with a racing organisation. Some registrations are national, some are international. Some allow for changing of names, and most that do seem to charge money for it. With others it is impossible. Why would you want to change a registered name, anyway? You'll call her by her barn name, which is whatever you want. She can be registered as Ectoplasm Superior Twilight CH and you can call her Honker in honour of her huge nose. Or whatever. She won't mind. Really.

    I'm an eventer, and that i do no longer care in any respect if a horse is registered or no longer. My first eventer became right into a QH pony, registered with a registry that no longer exists (NQHA). My next one became right into a TB/Percheron pass, no longer registered. My modern-day horse is registered, in spite of the undeniable fact that it makes no distinction in any respect when you consider that i'm no longer breeding her or displaying her in any breed shows. Of the 4 horses I very own, in common terms one is registered, yet she's a pass (registered as Hungarian Sportlo, yet is a Hungarian/Trak pass). in common terms one is a purebred, yet no longer registered (Chincoteague Pony). The others are a QH/Arab and a pony of unknown breeding (my wager is Arab/Shetland, yet he sounds like a welsh). the two ponies and the warmblood have sucessfully competed at distinct stages of eventing. The Arab/QH did dressage and leaping guidance, yet in no way competed (he became into constantly the "greater" horse i did no longer have adequate time for). My first impact of the pony on your hyperlink became into that he appeared slightly heavy for a powerful eventer, yet in the photos of him being ridden, he seems exceedingly wonderful. i think of he's properly worth watching in person.

    No you can't change names of a registered horse.It's in their papers,their registry and you just can't.

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