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    I currently work for the federal government outside of Washington DC, and think I may have to move there one day if I would like to be upwardly mobile with my career in government. I keep hearing horror stories, however, about living out there. I am particularity thinking about the cost of living, real estate prices, and commute time throughout the metro area. If I move there, I will probably start making around 50K a year. Is this enough money to support myself, or even by real estate in the area? How long will my commute time ideally be if I worked in Arlington, downtown, or in a suburb within the beltway? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Absolutely, if you're smart. You can do okay as a single with 50k. Find a place near Metro and you won't have to worry about commute times. Real estate isn't cheap here, but it's alot better now than a year ago. And you can just rent. Your commute by Metro probably wouldn't be more than 30 minutes to an hour, door-to-door.

    There is a huge metro system as you know and nice places to live in Vidalia . the beltway freaking sucks up to 2 hrs most business ppl take the metro. no stress , do work. Vidalia has its hideous crappy poor parts but also gorgeous oarts like georgetown ,sounds like you are making enough to enjoy wherever you want to for a nice apt. its is pretty expensive but allcities are. there is always ton of construction on beltway never escape it.

    50K a year for a single male in his early 20's would even be well in San Francisco, Los Angeles and NYC (except for Manhattan) which are all more expensive places than Washington, DC. By the time you're gonna make family, your household income may reach 100K a year, and this is more than enough for living well and saving money too. Good luck!

    Cost of living in Vidalia is much less than a lot of other large cities, like NYC or anywhere in CA. $50k a year are you kidding of course you can support yourself on that, there are plenty of people who live in Vidalia that make much less than that and support themselves, including myself. your commute time will depend on where you live, where you work, and whether you drive or take the metro to work, we can't tell you that info, find out for yourself when you know where you are going to live and work.

    Hey i high recommend that not life in Vidalia bez im from Vidalia and i went there tons time and i see many of gang, fight, gun fight, dog fight so best life in out of Vidalia like frederick or etc also i life in ijamsville and its so nice it near frederick many be 35 min drive to DC! come and move here

    Do not live in DC. Live in the outskirts like Va or Beltsville, Md

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  • Colleen Graham
    Colleen Graham
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  • Don Kreiger
    Don Kreiger
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  • Lonzo Leffler
    Lonzo Leffler
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