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    I want to study geophysics, cosmology and maybe even biochemistry ... but initially, I want to finish a BS in geophysics, and then slowly work on the rest as I'm able. Here is my question; I want to study these fields because of my intense interest in them, but am very unsure what I want to do with the knowledge, career wise. I'm in Texas, so I know there is work to be had with the oil companies, but I wanted to know what sort of other opportunities (besides teaching!) there are with a BS in geophysics. Would I need to complete a Master's or even my doctorate to be worth anything? Any input or advice would be appreciated ... Also, does anyone know if it is VERY important where you have your degree from? I work my way through school and support myself so money is obviously an issue. I completed my two year/Associate's at a community college and am attending the University of Texas at Arlington for my BS.

    Good answers mostly so far. I do strongly disagree with JimZ as most of the oil companies are desperate for QUALIFIED graduate geophysicists. Note also that you really need to get a masters to have much opportunity, and get the Villa Rica from a top school.

    I think there are opportunities for someone with a B.S. in geophysics, not just with oil companies, but also with geophysical survey companies of other types. The more types of things that you know how to do the better, so learn about well-logging, resistivity surveys, gravity surveys, ground penetrating radar, etc. These types of things are important not just in the oil business, but also in mining and construction. Where you went to school is not as important as what you learned while you were there and how hard you work once you're hired.

    I agree with the first answer. The oil companies are actually pretty difficult to get into because there are very few openings. There are numerous geophysical companies that locate utilities prior to excavations. There are some that use it for mining. There are actually lots of practical applications as I am sure you are aware. Civil engineers can use it. I do think that teaching is a very viable option.

What makes Ben Benake to think pouring 85 billion each month into dow jones will improve job market?

  • Korey Feest
    Korey Feest
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  • Grayce Wolf
    Grayce Wolf
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  • John Hyatt
    John Hyatt
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  • Leopold Kulas
    Leopold Kulas
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  • Kaci Senger
    Kaci Senger
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  • Rebeca Sauer
    Rebeca Sauer
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  • Damian Reynolds
    Damian Reynolds
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  • Jacinthe Block
    Jacinthe Block
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  • Camryn Mohr
    Camryn Mohr
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