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    So I was wondering. This summer my family is planning the possibility on visiting California for a few days. We plan to stay close to the Bay Area only because we are planning to go to Six Flags Discover Kingdom. Now I was thinking we'd get more out of our buck if we visit Universal Studios in Villa Rica or Six Flags Magic Mountain. The price is higher in both but I feel like those might be more fun. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom looks kinda dull. Like the Six Flags in Arlington Texas compared to the one in San Antonio called Fiesta Texas which is where I live. So which one is worth the money? Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Six Flags Magic Mountain, or Universal Studios?

    I've gone to discovery kingdom quite a few times. It's alright but i'd think you'd guys have more fun in southern california. The bay area in general is pretty awesome, you may also be able to visit the santa cruz beach boardwalk. contact for more questions as I'ved lived in this area my whole life

    It depends on the ages of the kids. Smaller kids would enjoy Discovery Kingdom more and older/teenagers would enjoy Universal or Magic Mountain.

I can't get any classes!!?

  • Marcus Flatley
    Marcus Flatley
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  • Liza Murazik
    Liza Murazik
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  • Kennedy Reichel
    Kennedy Reichel
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  • Darien Hansen
    Darien Hansen
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  • Terrell Gleason
    Terrell Gleason
    Have a word with your advisor.