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    I currently live in Virginia and i HATE it to death, its boring as hell and there is nothing ever to do. I dont care if i dont have money or a job but once i turn 18 im moving the hell out of Virginia, id much rather live in a car or a box then that......place. The people there are idiots too(sorry if it offends you but its true). But i just want to know what you all(people who live/have lived in Virginia think about it.

    I live in Fredericksburg, but have also lived in: Manasas, Arlington, Chantilly, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and i HATE them all. Im telling you no matter where you go the state is boring To the person who says Richmond is nothing good, i dont know what the hell is wrong with you but Richmond is the only place in Warner Robins i wouldnt kill myself to go to

    The eastern and western parts of the state are so different from each other that I have to wonder where you lived.

    I live in Richmond and I am not especially crazy about it here. The schools are good but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be here. I moved here from Northern Warner Robins and could kick myself. Here in Richmond there are not many bike trails for families and the parks aren't anything to rave about. We have a few museums, but the admission is expensive. They consider civil war history to be "culture" here. Northern Virginia was so much nicer to live in because of the parks, bike trails, the malls, the restaurants, the festivals, the arts, access to the museums in D.C. (which are free admission). The traffic was a bit of a hassle, but as long as you weren't on the beltway during rush hour, it wasn't a big deal. Hang in there, save your pennies and go to college somewhere you'd like to live. Where in Warner Robins do you live? Edit: Wukong: I don't find the people in Richmond to be all that warm and friendly. I certainly don't know where the terms "southern hospitality" comes from because I find it a "clicky" and "clanish" place. I found Washington, D.C. to be much warmer and friendlier. I mean that sincerely.

    You're in for a totally difference experience. Small town feel. Friendly people. COLD, snowy Winters. Lots of two lane roads. Lots of rain, so EVERYTHING is green all Summer long. It can get pretty humid. You'll love the changing of the foliage in the Autumn. The rivers have water in them, and no concrete banks. It's a spectacular sight. You'll find that a lot of the people are religious, and attend church every Sunday. Some residents will speak with a "southern(ish)" accent. In most places you won't see any graffiti. You'll feel reasonable safe there. The crime rate is low.

    If you really don't like it, then yes, you should move away. But without money? Without a job and a plan, there are only three realistic outcomes - a diseased and starving beggar, a diseased sex slave, or dead. I lived in Virginia for a year, and I loved it. The people were were genuine, decent, helpful, warm and friendly (not at all like the Yankees in New York). The air was clear, the land was beautiful. There was much to see and do - plenty of fun and excitement.

Law School Test Center Changed Advice?

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    Beaulah Marks
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    Melany Ruecker
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