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    All the hatred towards the military? I originally came from Virginia, where there isn't nearly as many military families, and am now at Fort Lewis, Warner Robins where everything around me revolves around military. I was in the pet section when I saw countless ads bashing the military and people telling others not to adopt to military families because they'll just "dump" their pets because of PCS or deployment. Uh, hello? Yes, some do want to deploy, but a lot of people don't have a choice. Even still... Why on earth would you bash the military for keeping you and your country safe? I admit, I have a soft spot when it comes to things like this, not only because my husband is in the Army, but my father and my brother were as well. And another thing, yes we DID have to get rid of our pit bull (although she is staying at my best friends house, so it's not like we totally abandoned her) but we did not get rid of our other dog due to PCS. But whether we moved here or ANYWHERE else, we finally realized that keeping a pit bull was becoming increasingly difficult due to bans all over the place. We miss our baby, but I mean seriously, even if we weren't military related, that doesn't change the fact that people are stupidly banning pits everywhere. I just think it's ridiculous how much people sh*t talk the military when they have NO idea what it's like. I contemplated emailing some of those people and giving them a piece of my mind, but then I realized they're probably all very narrow minded people and I would be wasting my time. Not to mention the things said in the RnR section. Gah, people upset me. Sorry, totally unrelated to babies, but I had to get it off my chest and I'm way more comfortable here than I am in any other section. To make it more related to babies... I haven't been on here as much the past couple months due to the fact that I moved across the country. My son now has two teeth, crawls, and can pull himself to standing. What have all your babies been up to lately? :)

    Gabrielle's mommy: I came from Fort Myer, it's in Arlington... Right outside of DC. There were a good number of military considering we were close to Belvoir and a couple others, but not like I've seen here! And congrats on your LO! Alyssa's mommy: I've also noticed that pets are more important than kids, money (even though you sort of need that to take care of a pet), yourself, your dying grandma, your house, etc. in that section. It's ridiculous. I just hate that they have to specifically target the military. Too cute. :) I love baby+daddy moments. They're my favorite.

    Rachel lee: yes, it can be difficult to keep a pet while in the military, but it CAN be done. a lot of people THINK they're going to have a dog forever, i mean why else would you adopt one? but even after planning and saving money, the circumstances aren't always perfect, and things don't always work out - we've been there before. that does not mean military should be banned from owning a pet. i mean geez, we're still people with families, should we as military families be banned JUST because there's a chance we may not get to keep our beloved pet? in that case, everyone should be banned. it's possible in all cases, especially with the economy the way it is right now.

    Jackals: nice to meet another Ft. Lewis wife! haha. i understand not wanting to get a dog from him. my husband and i don't take well with people being rude, especially if it were about him being in the military! we hate the fact that this post is civilian run. i mean, i know i'm a civilian, haha... but, seriously. if Fort Lewis wasn't here, none of those people would have a job here... yet they don't care what happens to the military as far as their money as long as THEY get their paycheck. i hate that. they don't cater to the military like they should. like they NEED to, i mean, that is their job, correct? GAH. i'm frustrated. lol

    ~*BB*~: i agree. i hate a lot of the people who post on craigs list. it IS wrong for people to ask for handouts. i mean, we also live on only my husbands salary (who is also an e-4, but we're always broke somehow... dang bills. lol), but he worked for that money to support his family, why should he support random people and their pets and what not when those people are perfectly capable of doing it themselves!

    Cj's mommy: haha, aw. thanks man. i hated leaving her behind. she was our baby. glad to hear you're taking good care of her though! maybe your dad's fiance (girlfriend?) will warm up to the idea of her staying there... :) gaby: yes! i hate it. i hate that they have to defend the freedom of IDIOTS. i mean, i guess that's their job. it just isn't fair that they're fighting to protect people that are against them and bashing them all the time. it's ridiculous. and good luck. my son and cj's mommy's son just started crawling, and our sons are 8 and a half and 9 months old. but then again, all babies are different. :) and smart to wait til AFTER he gets back. my hubby is going in september (to iraq) and i'm already 5 months along with my second pregnancy. whoops!

    Reading back, I noticed that one of you said that you would never get a "fighting" dog. Let me clear something up: I got my dog before I had my child. My husband is in love with the breed, and pit bulls by nature are loving dogs. They used to be called the nanny dog. My dog absolutely LOVED my son... If he cried, she would immediately run over to his swing and sit in front of him, lick his toes, and then look at us like "hello! crying baby!" So before you go on saying you would NEVER get a "fighting" breed dog with a baby, just remember that maybe the breed has a bad rep, but not all dogs come out of the womb wanting to rip your face off. They HAVE to be trained that way because most dogs by nature are extremely sweet and just want to please their owner. So before you go looking down on me for having a "bad" dog... Just know that my dog would probably kill anyone who tried to harm my baby.

    Girrl!!! I know what you mean! Hehe love you! Don't let it eat you up people are just ignorant. You took great care of Kara! Its not your fault you weren't able to take her! It wouldve been horrible if she had to drive from here to Washington! That wouldn't be fair for her or sweetpea! Oh btw we are taking Kara with us tomorrow to my dads so she can run around. Ill call you later tonight hollerr.

    Im sitting here with my friend and we live in germany and our husbands are in the army, my dad was in the navy and i have numerous amounts of family members in the military. I agree that its not easy keeping a pet in the military, however i don't blame the people for talking ****. Even if its not easy, its irresponsible to get a animal that you may not keep, especially being in the military beforehand i knew from growing up in the military life it was hard to get a dog and keep it. we are planning on gettin a animal, but we have to financially ready to ship the dog etc, and we wouldnt get a dog that is listed as a "fighting" dog. Especially if we had a baby!!! I'm sorry you dont understand how people feel and cannot accept their feelings. However, i love animals and would rather not get one and fall in love with it and be "forced" to give it away. Like i said i think its irresponsible. You didnt completely give yours away, so its really not that irresponsible on your part! :] anyways, idont have a baby but my friend does and her baby is almost 5 months old, and hes teething like crazy! but he is such a trooper! he rarely crys, but you know when their cutting in!! Thanks for supporting the military! And thanks to your husband and family members for serving!

    Myhusband and i live in 29 palms and WOW i see a bunch of cars with bumper stickers just bashing on the military. it isn't easy being married into the military and these people dont make it any easier my husband willbe deploying to afghanistan this november and i just wish these people knew what it is like to have to let someone go and being scared that they might not come back why? because they are fighting for these idiot's freedom my son is 6 months old and im trying to get him to at least start crawling before my hubby leaves :) maybe even walking!!! im also trying to convince him to us having a girl(or boy!) as soon as he gets back from afghan i just want another one already!

    I noticed it. I just have seen a lot of people asking for hand outs and blaming it on the military not helping them. I've written to a few of the people that have posted, saying its wrong to expect other people to take care of their family especially since my husband is an E-4 and we do way more than okay on just his salary.

    My husband is stationed up in Fort Lewis, Wa, and when we first moved up here, we went on craig's list to find a dog. we finally found a litter of black lab puppies, and the guy was really nice and all eager for us to come and look, until he found out my husband was military. and then he was like, well you guys move a lot and blah blah blah. uh....actually we plan on taking our dog with us wherever we move and since labs aren't banned anywhere, it wouldn't be an issue. even overseas, we're willing to pay, or our parents will keep her until we get back. it was so rude and ignorant. i wasn't happy. thanks for treating my family like crap just because my husband is fighting for your right to be an ***! i even tried to nicely talk about the moving, cuz i can understand how people have misconceptions or worries, but he just was stubborn. we decided not to go look, even though he didn't outright refuse us, he wasn't very nice and amicable once we mentioned the military and i refuse to pay anyone for their dog who treats my family like that....or anyone who treats the military like that! ugh! it made me mad because we did plan on a breed that we would be able to keep for it's entire life and planned on paying extra money to move it with us, yet the guy was such a stubborn ingnoramous that it wasn't worth it and i'd rather do business w/ someone who has a bit more respect.

    Thats utterly a phishing rip-off. The largest factor that offers it away is: one million) How frequent the terminology is. No wherein does it say the phrase sofa or any style of furnishings for that subject. two) Hes within the army, on a challenge? a sensible im stationed out of the nation, or im deployed, and so on. Someone that claims on a challenge is obviously now not within the army. three) Cannot acquire calls? If you'll use a pc to seek for furnishings on craigslist you'll get on skype and affirm the order... I wont even contact on the truth that he requested to your complete identify and cope with which in the event that they requested for that it ninety nine% of the time offers that away.

    The people in the pet section of craigslist are obsessed. They put pets over humans, they put pets over everything. If your grandma dies and you try to get her pet adopted they will all spam email you saying you are the worst person on the planet for not paying $5,000 to break your lease and move to a pet friendly place. Don't let them hurt your feelings, most of them are a bit psycho. The brave men and women of our military are heroes :) Right now my daughter is curled up on my husband's lap fighting sleep.

    I don't know where in Warner Robins you lived, but I live in a highly military populated area in VA. I am a military brat too and I HATE military bashing. Those soldiers sacrifice their lives for us and deserve our utmost respect! I just had my first baby and she's doing great!

    Yes I have!! Now I am afraid to use it because anyone could find the thing part of military. Aaron is doing good.Its 4:40pm & he is eating his snack right now.

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