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    My Dad is in the Navy and will be relocating with my Mom from California to Northern Warner Robins (They'll be working in Tysons Corner). My dad is going to retire and stay there (They lived there for a long time and I pretty much grew up there). Now I live in Warner Robins where my moms family is from and I want to leave this state. I am a graduate of an industrial electricity program and Im about to graduate an HVAC program in May. I work in a factory doing PLC and Controls work and will be getting a Alarm and Access controls certificate shortly after graduating my HVAC program. My Mom is an Accountant and has a well paying job set for her in Warner Robins and my Dad, being in the Navy will have a job and when he retires next year, he has a job lined up (Healthcare Administration). Now there's me. I have no degree but a years work in a factory as Maintenance and numerous small jobs in HVAC. I want to go back, I cant stand living here. The only reason I moved away was becuase I didnt have a skill to last there. I am afraid that by moving back there i wont be able to find a job. Im asking on here because I want to get some advice and reccommendations as I havent lived there in a few years. My parents are moving next week, I want to move within 2014. What is the HVAC field like up there? What kind of jobs am I qualified for? Would I be good If I left when I graduated my HVAC program? Tennessee is alright but you just cant get that feeling down here I got in Arlington. I have no problem staying here for a while longer but I want to leave before 2015. Any Advice is greatly appreciated.

    Save money while you can, so you will be able to pay rent and living expenses until you find a job. Unless you have kept in touch with school buddies, you won't know anybody there except your parents, so it will be hard to find a roommate to save on rent. Just don't expect your parents to welcome you into their home. If they will soon retire, they will have to budget for living within their retirement savings plus any social security or pension benefits. You might be happier when you finish your schooling, and find a job that is fulfilling.

    The cost of living in Northern Va. is a lot higher. The competition for decent jobs a lot tougher. You might have to work two jobs to make ends meet.

    Do want what yourself desires!

I Hold F-1 Student Visa, Is It Legal To Work As Movie Extra ?

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    Emil Von
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