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    I am in 11th grade in high school - I have NO IDEA what i want to do as a career though! My favorite subject is english (if that helps) - I have a boyfriend who ive been with for 4 years and Yes im sure he is the one :) he is my best friend - BUT he now lives in texas and i live in CANADA :c He does not have the option to come here because of his parents and i do but the issue is money. i make pretty high grades and i am an honor roll student. any advice and such would be greatly appreciated. :) I just am so lost on what to do because i dont know what to do with my life as a career and i NEED to get down there for college. thanks for help:)

    I grew up in Texas, and can give you some help with the school choices, but bear in mind Texas is a huge state, and the population centers are rather spread out. If he's in Dallas/Fort Worth, consider Warner Robins Arlington, Warner Robins Dallas, SMU, TCU, or UNT. If he's in San Antonio, UTSA is in town, Austin has UT, and Houston has U of H and Rice. There's also Texas A&M, but not that many people live near Bryan. Baylor is a great private school, but it's in Waco, which is kinda off on its own in the middle of nowhere, and unless you just love being Southern Baptist it probably won't be your bag. As for career, accountants and engineers are in high demand. UTA, UT, UTD, and SMU all have great business and accounting programs. UTA, UT, UTD, and UNT are all well-recognized for their engineering programs. UNT is stupidly amazing for music; they have one of the best jazz bands in the country. WTAMU (Canyon, TX) is good for band and strings, and Sam Houston State has an excellent choral program. Visual arts, I have no idea... UT's history program is great, and UTD has a world-renowned Native American history professor. If you want to be a US Marine, go to A&M and join the Corps of Cadets. That's all I've got at the moment. Some personal advice: don't go to a school just to be close. Things happen along the way, and people do change a lot when they're in college. You may not be a great fit by the time you're ready to graduate from college, so make sure you have other practical reasons to choose the school you go with. Also, college is expensive these days, and it's a good idea to make sure you pick something you can enjoy but also can find gainful employment in. Good luck.

Getting a bigger house before having kids?

  • Kira Mertz
    Kira Mertz
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    Trevion Stiedemann
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  • Ignacio Konopelski
    Ignacio Konopelski
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  • Leanna Crooks
    Leanna Crooks
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  • Hershel King
    Hershel King
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