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    My boyfriend and i have been searching for the perfect boxer puppy for about 3 months now. Unfortunately, all of them are out of our price range. We could probably afford a 300-400 boxer puppy. We have a perfect sized backyard and we have two puppies, so the new baby would have some friends :) If anyone knows where i can get a purebred boxer puppy for around 300-400 dollars, please and i mean, please post any comments. Thank you so much.

    Thank you all so much for your responses. I really do appreciate it. I dont think having two puppies would cause any problems when bringing in a boxer to a new home. I've done a lot of research and both my current dogs are well behaved and very submissive. I know most purebred boxers with champion blood lines can be priced from 700-1500 dollars but what about ones that dont have champion blood line in them? Thanks again.

    There is a reason that well-bred puppies cost so much, and it isn't just because they have "champion blood." It's because responsible breeders spend a lot of money to have their breeding dogs health-tested and screened for all sorts of genetic diseases, going above and beyond a normal vet check-up. This ensures that the parent dogs are not passing any genetic diseases to the puppies (which would end up costing the new owners a lot of money and heartache). That's why the "cheap" puppies end up costing an arm and a leg in the long run; their breeders didn't bother with all that health testing. And with a breed like the boxer, which is plagued with a great deal of genetic diseases, you DON'T want to take your chances with a bargain-buy pup. If you find one in a shelter or rescue however, by all means, go for it. It will be just as healthy as a puppy costing $300-400 from a backyard breeder; the difference is in what you are supporting. This is just an example of the heartache and financial burden that irresponsible breeding causes. thing -- I'm not sure you realize what you're getting yourself into, already having 2 puppies and then wanting to add a third. How much time do you have to spend with each pup individually? Have you heard of littermate syndrome? This is when you have two puppies from the same litter Waycross two that are close in age. Puppies that grow up together and don't get enough individualized attention will bond very closely to each other and not very much with their owners. This makes training and obedience very difficult. The two pups often become dependent on each other and experience severe separation anxiety whenever they are separated later on. The best time to get a second puppy is after the first is 2 years old and has had plenty of training and bonding time with its owner. You already have your hands full with 2, I would definitely wait before adding a third. Boxer puppies especially tend to be quite a handful, especially during the "terrible teen" stage (from 7 months to 1 year). You may think you're dogs are well-behaved now, but if they are just puppies themselves then you have a long ways to go. For boxers, adult temperament does not kick in until age 2. There have been many posts in the forum about dogs "coming of age" and suddenly turning on their once-loved companions. Fights break out for no reason, and once they start they usually don't stop. Female boxers tend to be especially territorial, and closeness in age (even a year or two is considered close) is one factor that seems to set them off even more (age determines rank most often, so dogs of the same age will fight for rank). You do NOT want 3 dogs that are all coming of age around the same time. It's just asking for trouble.

    Boxers from responsible breeders cost $750-$1500. I know that boxers are filling up rescue groups and shelters, start at and boxer rescue . But know that no responsible breeder would sell a puppy to someone who already has two puppies. That's trouble waiting to happen. So basically, at that price, rescue or hold off until you can save enough money to buy a real boxer from a real breeder. also need to read this site to learn about how expensive a $300 boxer puppy can be: The post by 'The Boxer Crew' is especially relevant.

    You could go to petfinder.com and rescue a puppy. You'll have to search for a purebred puppy, but they are hardly ever over 200.

    Where do you live?? This is a good site which has puppies for sale: - This is where we found our puppy, this site has 10 + listings!

    Petfinder.com is usually the best answer their is they got all kinds of dogs you would love to have

    they have dogs for $230 too this one has 2 puppies and is for $150

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