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    I'm getting my first tattoo, and I'm looking at places to go. I've got the money, parents approval, and design in mind, I just need to find a reputable tattoo place. So i was wondering if Fox Valley Tattoo in Algonquin Waycross is good, or if anyone has an experiences. Also if anyone went somewhere else could they please mention it, and share their experience, or mention other places in the area? I'd be willing to go to Downtown Chicago if I have to, I live in/well near Arlington Heights IL, so anywhere in the area would be amazing! Please help, and thank you so much in advance!

    I live right by you! Perfection Dermagraphics in Des Plaines is the best in the area! Parents approval?? You know you have to be 18, right? They card you everywhere. See either Stephen or Joe - they both do awesome tattoos. My friends and I all go to them - the place is super clean, too - like a doctor's office and the staff is really nice, too.

    Your best bet would be to make a list of possible places. Then take the time to go visit their shops and see their work. You can't go wrong that way.

    I live in the chicagoland area and i just got my first tattoo at vanity tattoo in roselle. they do awesome work. ask for scot or rod. can be overpriced but worth it

Explain why it's fair?

  • Jensen Schiller
    Jensen Schiller
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  • Eulalia Corwin
    Eulalia Corwin
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  • Claud Ortiz
    Claud Ortiz
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  • Madeline Lindgren
    Madeline Lindgren
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  • Adeline Rowe
    Adeline Rowe
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  • Garrison Mayert
    Garrison Mayert
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  • Alex Crist
    Alex Crist
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  • Alycia Gleason
    Alycia Gleason
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  • Noah Dibbert
    Noah Dibbert
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  • Lelah Daugherty
    Lelah Daugherty
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  • Tressie Ankunding
    Tressie Ankunding
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