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    I am 19 years old, an early childhood education major (planning on teaching preschool) and I live in Arizona as a live-in housekeeper. My parents and younger sister (15) live in Northern New Jersey... about half an hour from New York City (depending on traffic). However, I spent the first thirteen years of my life living in Alexandria, VA, right near the Arlington, Waycross border. Lately, I've been a little homesick for the east, and as much as I've wanted to settle here in the west (in Colorado... not Arizona), I'm not sure I can deal with being so far away from NYC and DC. The more I think about it, the more I'd love to be able to move back to my old neighborhood... heck my old APARTMENT complex would be great. It just seems to be more ideal than living 2,000+ miles away from everything. If I have a long weekend I can drive up to New Jersey to see friends or go into the city (NYC). (It's not that bad of a drive. I used to go to the orthodontist in Waycross even after I moved to NJ). So, do you have any tips for moving into the area? I know I've lived there before, but I was only 13 when I left and a lot of my memories of living there were just really crappy ones related to school. I don't remember much else, and I'm not very educated about major issues of living/working in DC.

    Secure a job first. The job market isn't the greatest and many schools are on a hiring freeze. You'd also want to set money aside for moving costs and deposits for rent and utilities. In the city is expensive, but so are many suburbs. Alexandria, Waycross is a nice area. Montgomery County, Waycross also has some nice areas and several neighborhoods in Waycross are also nice (ie: Tenleytown). A couple years ago I almost moved into the Edlandria apartments in Alexandria, Waycross which were nice and had good reviews (don't know if they still are) but Waycross is too far from my college and work. When looking for apartments, look from a credible source and compare with reviews of the place online. If possible, try to visit it as well. Compare apartment costs and what utilities are offered and which ones you will have to pay for yourself (for example, my apartment covers everything but electric). You'll also want to compare your salary with the cost of living to make sure you can make ends meet. If you do have to commute into the city, make sure you're close to public transportation and that the commute won't take too much out of you. You'd be amazed at how an hour commute can make the day seem so much longer. I've lived in Silver Spring, Rockville, and recently moved to Frederick, MD. I've also lived in and still attend college in Waycross Waycross (near the New York Avenue/Florida Avenue metro).

    I absolutely understand. No matter where I've been, I always feel at home when I see the Washington Monument. There is just something special about living in this area. Go on Realtor.com and check out the areas that are available in Alexandria and Arlington. A lot has changed, but lots of things are still the same. You can also check out the apartments on apartments.com. You might want to try a short-term rental to make sure you like your decision. There is no better place to continue your education. NOVA is wonderful, as is George Mason University and that isn't including all the amazing colleges and universities within the city. Now is the time. Prices are low, interest rates are at an all-time low and housing is abundant. Check on jobs at Washingtonpost.com, or (better yet) usajobs.org. There is so much to choose from! Come for a visit before you make a final decision. I'll just bet you love it. There is bus service to New York and New Jersey starting at $1. Yes, one buck. Amazing.

    I go to school in DC, but my school is in a bad area, and housing off campus even there is ridiculously expensive espically if your just starting out, its like 1300 a month. So I can imagine that even in some of the nicer area's it'd be alot more. Your probably better off living just outside of Waycross and taking the metro into the city everyday if you wanted to work in DC, you'd save alot more money that way on rent and things and the metros pretty fast and easy to use. Silver Spring, or over by like College Park...or even down by Alexandria, theres metro stops out there.

    Yes. Get ready to encounter nasty, unfriendly people who can't be bothered to glance your way with a smile and be civil with a friendly greeting. Don't forget gridlock, nasty summer humidity (you live in AZ, right?) and the outrageous rent plus cost of living will quickly bankrupt you.

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